Which artist sang the song Kentucky Rain

"Many idealized him: Robert Plant, Davis Bowie"

OK. Which songs from the tour mean the most to you?

"If I Can Dream", "Kentucky Rain" ... Why? Because I saw Elvis with "Kentucky Rain" in the studio - he reacted very emotionally. It wasn't a song that his record company or management picked for him, but a song that he loved. No song from a movie that he didn't like that much. Except for "Can't Help Falling in Love" of course.

You are the grandmother of four grandchildren. Will you see the show?

Yes, in the states. Many children come. I recently saw an eight-year-old in an Elvis fan dress. My team had drawn my attention to them: “Oh my god! There is this little girl! ”I was close to tears. So I let her come backstage. She was so under the spell of Elvis, it was touching.

For many great artists, Elvis was an initiation. Bruce Springsteen describes in his autobiography how he first saw him on the Ed Sullivan Show and it changed his life.

Yes, I know about it. I saw this as a kid too. I met Roger last night ... what's his name again?

Manager: Taylor!

Roger Taylor of Duran Duran. He was very moved. Many idealized Elvis: Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, David Bowie. Elvis' influence was immense. He kicked open the door to your creativity, smashed all petrification. Get out of the box! I've never met anyone who didn't like Elvis.

Did you talk to him about whether he would like to perform with an orchestra?

He said that he wanted that. I know I took a big risk because he's known for rock'n'roll. But when the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is not enough for a "King" ... When we recorded the album in the studio, all the musicians followed his singing - it was as if his spirit was there.

You also feature private videos on the show that you shot at Graceland. Was the camera always with you?

No. Elvis didn't like it at all when he was filmed or photographed at home because paparazzi were lurking for him everywhere outside. There were always fans with long telephoto lenses, even at the Graceland driveway. Finally he gave me a video camera, it must have been 1966. I shot a few scenes, but then he didn't like it anymore. His privacy was sacred to him. Just imagine: at some point we could no longer go to restaurants. He did not tolerate photos that showed him eating! Sometimes I think what it would be like today - with all the smartphones.

Wouldn't he have a Twitter account?

He didn't need that at all. People followed him like that. Sometimes he would ride his horse to the Graceland fence and say hello to the kids.

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