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Sparta Prague has a new visual appearance

Sparta Prague will be presented with a new visual appearance in the future. For the first time in 27 years, the traditional Czech club is changing its club emblem. The modernized club logo will celebrate its premiere at the start of the 2021/2022 season.

"AC Sparta Praha", the official name of the football club founded in 1893, was last Czech champions in the 2013/2014 season. The current club logo dates back to the 1990s, when Sparta Prague won the championship seven times in a row and was cup winner three times. After several years of internal discussions, the club had now realized that after almost three decades a new development had to be initiated and the identity of the club had to be sharpened. In cooperation between the club representatives and experts from the fields of graphics / design and sports marketing, a visual identity was developed which, according to the club, reflects an AC Sparta Praha in the 21st century.

Extract from the press release

“The direction that we have chosen after long discussions represents a natural development and moves us graphically from the past to the present. We try to respect modern trends, yet in our opinion this is not a hurried revolution. That is why we believe that the result will be close to the fans ‘hearts. Although we know that our supporters will discuss this step a lot. But we don’t mind that at all, ”says František Čupr, CEO of AC Sparta Praha, about the change of Sparta’s visual identity.

Sparta Prague - Logo (Visual), Source: Sparta Prague

With regard to the visual style, great importance was attached to making it look confident and unmistakable. That is why those responsible at the club opted for a striking typography and a combination of the Sparta colors black and red. It should be noted that the traditional club colors of the club are blue, yellow and red. However, the teams have been running red in their own stadium for several years Jerseys, white shorts and black socks on.

Sparta Prague Logo - before and after, image source: Sparta Prague, image montage: dt

The club emblem was created from scratch. The basic shape, consisting of an "S" embedded in a circle, was retained, as was the tricolor bordered in the lower arc of the circle. Instead of red, the circular area is now black. In the standard version, as the emblem will then be seen on the jerseys, there is no lettering whatsoever. When redesigning the logo, the aim was to “work creatively with the club emblem and at the same time respect tradition”, as it is called in the context of the presentation. At the same time, the redesign serves the purpose of standardizing all the logo variants used by the association.

Part of the new visual identity is also a separate corporate font called Železná (in German: iron), which should help to give the association an independent and unmistakable visual profile. The visual concept was created in cooperation with the graphic designer Alan Záruba (consulting) and the Go4Gold agency (Prague). Go4Gold prevailed over competitors in a selection process.


Juventus Turin, which is becoming more and more evident after four years now, has inspired football clubs across Europe to reflect on their own visual identity. More and more clubs are sharpening their visual profile, changing their logo and using their own corporate font. A trend that has also captured the Bundesliga, see Fortuna DNA, M05, Hertha. How wonderful! Hardcore traditionalists will of course see it differently. The only constant in the universe is change (Heraclitus). And change brings new technologies, new disciplines like e-sports to emerge and causes a fundamentally changed media consumption. Sticking to the tried and tested, however understandable this wish is, cannot be the answer to such a revolutionary change. It is right that clubs are increasingly accepting these challenges and developing their image accordingly and aligning them with future viability.

The redesign has resulted in a significantly simplified logo. Even in very small sizes, the newly designed "S" image mark is easy to recognize (see preview image of the logo history below). In a direct comparison, the previous logo appears diffuse. The new logo is much more concise, but also less original. Since black and red are not really a unique selling point in this context either, a unique typography and independent imagery are all the more necessary. However, Sparta Prague is not the only club that equips its pictures with a two-tone effect (duplex), among others Mainz 05, Fortuna Düsseldorf, Stade de Reims or AC Milan do that. This shows the problem of the color spectrum consisting of only a few basic colors, from which the appearance of most sports clubs make use: black-yellow, red-white, green-white, black-red and so on. Much remains in this case Železná to give Sparta Prague a truly distinct visual profile. The club's own new corporate font is used both in headlines and in long texts. Both work quite well, as they contain fewer extravagant characters than, for example, the fonts of the two Bundesliga clubs mentioned. The interplay of all elements ultimately results in a modern appearance and recognizable individuality.

Media gallery

Sparta Prague - logo on jersey, source: Sparta Prague
Sparta Prague - logo (negative), source: Sparta Prague
Sparta Prague - poster design, source: Sparta Prague

Sparta Prague - Digital Media (Mobile), Source: Sparta Prague
Sparta Prague - Merchandising / Hoodie, Source: Sparta Prague
Sparta Prague - Logo (Visual), Source: Sparta Prague

Sparta Prague - Design Typography, Source: Sparta Prague
Sparta Prague - Logo / umbrella brand architecture, source: Sparta Prague
Sparta Prague - logo history, source: Sparta Prague

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