Women find men who read attractive

Relationship: This is a trait that men find particularly attractive in women - according to the study

The great love that lasts a lifetime is what almost everyone wants. In order to find the perfect partner, of course, various factors play a role - which applies to both sexes. While for a quick one-night stand, a person is on the lookout who is particularly pleasing to the eye, Character is also extremely important for a deep, intimate partnership. Not only the ladies, but also the men have clear ideas about this, what trait your dream woman must have in any caseone trusts a scientific study. Which property name the researchers as the onewho find the lords of creation particularly attractive, we will now reveal to you.

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Men find this characteristic particularly attractive - according to the study

We have often asked ourselves what men find particularly attractive about us and have come across both body features and items of clothing that are supposed to drive them crazy in no time. In the Character trait that makes an attractive woman for her, they also agree, according to a study by Monmouth University. A total of 300 subjects, including college students and newlyweds, were eligible for the investigation Trait asked, that they especially loved about their partner and clearly took first place among the men the reliability. So someone who really supports you in every situation and stands by you loyally.

Not only do the gentlemen of creation attach great importance to this quality in their loved ones, the female respondents also agree and rate reliability as the second most important character trait in their partner. In her first place, however, is found a pronounced warm-heartednessthat they appreciate in their loved one and which in turn ranks second among the men. Even if the importance of some traits differs in the rankings given by men and women in the study, the research ultimately shows that Both genders, by and large, find the same characteristics in their partner to be particularly important in a relationship and therefore tick quite similarly. 😍

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