Why is baseball interesting

Decision in the World Series : Why baseball isn't boring at all

The prejudice persists: baseball is boring. The players stand idle for three hours (or more) on the field, chewing gum or - even more disgusting - spitting chewing tobacco on the ground. And in between times a ball might fly around. Can that be exciting or even spectacular? Is that even real sport?

The basic rule for any apparently incomprehensible sport is: you have to get involved. So what is it that makes baseball so special? It is a team sport with a strong individual component. Statistics are not just kept for their own sake, they are actually of central importance. The focus is on the attractive duel in every sport. Here between the pitcher and the batsman. One tries to throw the ball in such a way that the other cannot hit it with his stick or can only hit it insufficiently. The pitcher's chances are not bad. Especially since he has considerable possibilities for variation in his throws. There is something almost magical about the ball flying straight ahead and then falling down just before the batsman. The fact that it is difficult to hit the ball makes the game challenging. Especially since there are defenders in the field who sometimes catch balls that are actually not catchable (see video below). In addition, baseball is not really predictable. In the current World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians, there have been very different results so far - 0: 6, 5: 1, 0: 1, 2: 7, 3: 2 and 9: 3. Although there are endless games in a season, none of them are the same.

The tactical component in baseball is perhaps the interesting part of the game. It's a bit like the penalty shootout in football. Where and how hard does the pitcher throw the ball next? That brings us to the mental level. The thrower is under a lot of stress, a wrong decision can have fatal consequences. Especially when the score is close in the final phase. The tension in the game increases continuously and there is no really safe leadership.

Of course, it helps to know the rules. But that shouldn't be a problem in the age of the internet. A few games are enough to understand the basics. Of course, baseball isn't always attractive. The games are often just too long, there is way too many changes, especially in the final phase - which is always associated with a commercial break. And the atmosphere in the stadium can sometimes be more reminiscent of a picnic than sport.

None of this applies to the World Series, it is also much louder in German football stadiums, not least in Chicago or now in Cleveland. On Thursday night the decision will be made, after the seventh final game it will be clear whether the Cubs can celebrate a championship again after 108 years or the Indians after 68. By the way, this is another reason why baseball is more interesting than some people think: it does exist endlessly many stories from the recent past and supposedly distant past. Curious? Then switch on tonight at the 7th game of the World Series 2016, thanks to the time difference it starts "already" at 1 o'clock. And it is guaranteed not to be boring.

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