Studying abroad costs a lot

Semester abroad: costs and financing

A semester abroad costs 500 - 2,000 euros per month. The exact costs mainly depend on your destination country and cannot be generalized.

Your calculation should include rent, food, travel costs, clothing, teaching material, communication (mobile phone, internet, etc.), health insurance, medical costs and medication as well as costs for leisure activities. In addition, you have to take into account fees for outward and return flights and costs for any purchases or vaccinations that are absolutely necessary before departure. Also, don't forget that many universities charge tuition fees that can be several hundred euros a month.

Financing the semester abroad

We have summarized the various funding options for you below.

Tuition fee waiver

As a rule, participants in a transnational EU, state or university mobility program are waived the tuition fee for the period of the stay abroad, for example at ERASMUS program.

If you do not take part in a certain program, inquire at your university about the possibilities of obtaining a tuition fee waiver. If you are enrolled at several universities, you have to submit an application for waiver to each university. With all applications, the study sheet of the last semester as well as the student ID and proof of the upcoming semester abroad must also be submitted.

If you are waived the tuition fees, you still need to pay the ÖH fee in order to continue your studies.

Family allowance

If the stay abroad serves educational purposes - which is usually assumed for semesters abroad - can also continue Family allowance be requested. If the stay abroad lasts longer than three months, an extension of the family allowance for domestic studies can be applied for. This is then extended by another semester. However, no further extension can be applied for, as it does not matter whether the stay abroad lasts one or two semesters.

If you have already lost your entitlement to family allowance, you cannot apply for it again for the duration of your semester abroad.

Study grant

Are you already entitled to in Germany Study grant, you can continue to apply for this also in the case of a semester abroad. The maximum requirement is four semesters. The exact requirements must be clarified in advance with the responsible scholarship office.

However, receiving study grants is no guarantee that you will receive it abroad. Students must meet various criteria in order to receive funding abroad. These are checked in advance.

You also have the option of extending the study grant by one semester if you have previously studied a semester abroad. In addition, there is no further extension option here either.

Additional foreign aid

Students who during their studies Study grant domestically, you have the option of additional foreign grants for a maximum period of 20 months (academies for a maximum of 12 months).

The amount of the foreign grant depends on the one hand on the country in which you spend your semester abroad and on the other hand on whether you are a foreign student within the meaning of the Study Support Act. The amount of the international grant for foreign students is between 73 and 472 euros per month. For students who receive study grants, it is between 146 and 582 euros per month.

Travel allowance

In addition to the study allowance and the international allowance, you will receive a subsidy for travel expenses. This depends on the distance between the location of your home university and the location of the partner university abroad. Because of this distance, a flat rate is charged that can range between 22 euros (Slovakia) and 1,129 euros (New Zealand). The travel allowance is paid out without submitting an additional application. You can find more information at