What is the epitome of French film

(*) Drama, Comedy, Crime * France * Director: Pierre Salvadori; * Script:;

(*) Cast: Adèle Haenel, Audrey Tautou, Pio Marmaï, Damien Bonnard;

The young commissioner Yvonne lives in a small town on the French Riviera. She is the widow of the local police chief Santi, who is considered the epitome of law and order in the area. After his death, Yvonne had a nasty surprise, because his virtue was not as flawless as his monumental monument in the town center suggests. In fact, Santi was deeply rooted in the southern French underworld and once sent the innocent Antoine to prison for 8 years in his place. When Antoine is released after serving the deadline, Yvonne wants to help the visibly battered and confused man to find new happiness - of course without revealing her identity. Unfortunately, she is so successful with it that Antoine falls in love with her on the spot. And Yvonne also realizes with horror that her heart begins to beat for this weird, contrite and at the same time so energetic guy. But Antoine's return to normal life is not going according to plan. Antoine finally wants to take what he has only atone for so far. While he throws himself headlong into criminal pleasure, Yvonne tries to save the young guy not only from himself, but also from her colleagues from the police.

Turbulent, weird and funny - this French comedy is full of directness, fresh humor and, above all, puts you in a good mood. Director Pierre Salvadori (BEZAUBERNDE LÜGEN) brings together what French cinema does best: between tender romance, macabre comedy and refined cinematic art, a large comedy cinema emerges that inspires with its very own signature.