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An LLB is awarded to people who have completed the Law or Standard Law course. It is a bachelor's degree, and additional education or training is required for a graduate to practice law in most countries. A previous university degree or university education is usually required to join an LLB program.

What is an LLB in commercial law? It is a Bachelor of Law with an emphasis on Business. Students can attend courses that help them gain commercial information and gain an in-depth understanding of business law. Classes can cover topics such as criminal law, contract law, killings, dispute resolution, commercial law, corporate law in context and globalization, trade and natural resources.

Many graduates find that they leave school with a multi-faceted qualification. You can develop the ability to clearly interpret and explain complex information. You can also acquire strong writing and research skills. These skills can help students advance in their careers.

An LLB in commercial law is offered in many common law jurisdictions. Tuition costs vary depending on where the university is located. After you've researched and selected an institution, contact the school directly for detailed information on entry fees.

An LLM in Commercial Law is a qualifying degree that can enable students to advance to an LLM or bar exam training course to become a practicing lawyer. Individuals more interested in a company can leave school with a solid business foundation that enables them to enter a range of business areas. Graduates can also be prepared for careers as a teacher, banker, business or non-profit manager, finance or hiring manager.

An LLM in commercial law is offered in many universities around the world. Online courses may be available through some programs. Find your program below and contact the admissions office of the school of your choice directly by completing the lead form.

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