Is Jared Kushner female

Ivanka Trump: Husband Jared Kushner was registered as a woman

New curiosity from Trump. This time in focus: the son-in-law of US President Donald Trump

Verbal frenzies, embarrassing appearances, questionable statements: one has been used to all sorts of tobacco from Donald Trump, 71, and the members of his family since ascending to the White House. The latest headline from the US about Jared Kushner, 36, husband of Ivanka Trump, 35, is no exception in this regard.

Jared Kushner - Man or Woman?

As the online magazine "Wired" reports, the official advisor to the US President in New York, where he lived with Ivanka and their three children until he moved to Washington in January 2017, is registered as a woman in the official electoral register. This is supposed to be proven by a document from 2009 that "Wired" made public. Among other things, Kushner's name, date of birth, address and gender are noted. Behind this stands "female", in German: "female".

What's behind the gender confusion?

Does the billionaire have a secret or is there a valid reason for the irritating comment? The authority responsible for voting registration in New York provided information shortly after the disclosure of the paper. Accordingly, the Trump son-in-law did not register as a woman, but became the victim of a technical error. This is reported by "The New York Post". Why Kushner, who last cast his vote in the US presidential election on November 9, 2017, hadn't noticed the mistake for eight years - unclear. He himself did not comment on the case.

Electoral authority corrects mistakes

Meanwhile, Kushner is a man on the election document. A spokesman for the "NY Board of Elections" announced that the mistake had been made. This would solve this problem for the father of three. Other, serious stumbling blocks, on the other hand, are not so easy to get out of the way. In addition to internal criticism of Jared Kushner's competence as a consultant, this also includes his possible involvement in Russia. Affair.

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