Only IT graduates can be business analysts

Business analysts: all-rounders for IT success

In numerous industries, it is now information technology and software that make the difference between profit and loss, success or failure. Parallel to this development, a relatively new job description is moving into the center of interest: the business analyst.

Numerous large companies, technology service providers, online platforms, system houses, advisory and consulting companies are already relying on the multi-talents. Business analysts serve as coordinators and interface between the respective specialist department and the IT team. In order to be well prepared for their role, they combine in-depth knowledge of IT and business administration.

The 4 main areas of responsibility of the business analyst:

• Process analysis
• Requirements analysis
• IT project management
• Requirements management (English requirement management)

For the requirements analysis and the requirements management based on it, it is essential to recognize, define and finally successfully implement all essential requirements for the IT processes. The business analyst takes both the company's and the customer's perspective. Ideally, it gives new, innovative, productive impulses and accompanies their pragmatic implementation.

Excerpts from the range of services offered by business analysts:

• Identify, analyze and formulate requirements
• Coordination and coordination between the specialist department and software developers
• Securing the project and process quality
• Control of profitability
• Deadline control
• Support through the entire project up to implementation, including testing and checking of quality assurance
• Participation in forecasts and objectives for the following planning periods

The job is also exciting and varied because both strategic and operational talents are required. IT graduates and employees who have a business understanding or knowledge and experience have a clear advantage. SAP experts, but also specialists in other fields such as data mining, business intelligence or customer care, are particularly in demand.

The Westhouse team has registered an increasing need for business analysts for years.

This is also reflected in the above-average income opportunities. The starting salary of a junior business analyst ranges on average from approx. 40,000 euros to 56,000 euros. With professional experience, it is already around EUR 54,000 to EUR 70,000. Senior business analysts typically earn between 61,000 and 85,000 euros. Freelancers can expect an average of between 70 and 100 euros per hour.

If you as Business analyst, as a SAP expert, software engineer or engineer looking for permanent or freelance employment with plenty of prospects and good income opportunities, we would be happy to support you with our expertise. Westhouse Consulting always advises and mediates fairly. Visit our Candidate side or contact us directly. We look forward to you!

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