How will Wolfram Alpha improve its product

Wolfram Alpha search engine starts the pro phase

Presentation of search results at Wolfram Alpha. Screenshot: ZDNet.

Options for uploading and downloading should also be included. So users of the Pro access should have the opportunity to feed their own data into the search engine. Databases linked by Wolfram Research and partners are available to all users free of charge. Pro access will cost $ 4.99 per user per month and $ 2.99 for students.

Another special feature of the Pro version is that users can post a request in image form. The search engine then tries to determine what is shown there. "I find this more useful than I ever thought, especially the upload facility," Wolfram said during a conference call. Wolfram Alpha thus becomes a means of evaluating individual knowledge and data.

February 8th is named as the start date in several US media - due to the time difference, however, German users may have to wait until Thursday, February 9th.

Wolfram Alpha is a mixture of a graphing calculator, a library and a search engine. The inventor Stephen Wolfram received his doctorate in theoretical physics at the age of 20 and then attracted attention with spectacular publications. In the 1980s, the native Brit developed the software Mathematica, which researchers still use to solve equations and bankers to make price forecasts.