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Survivor (VOX)

Become a player in the adventure show “SURVIVOR” and win € 500,000 in prize money!

With SURVIVOR, the most successful adventure show in the world comes to VOX & TV NOW in Germany.

Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life?

A unique adventure and tactical game with many challenges is waiting for you: from sporty challenges to action games to exciting strategy tasks. So it's not just a matter of pure muscle power, but also sophistication and charisma!

In 39 days, the players fight for victory on a lonely, uninhabited island in the South Seas at the other end of the world. Left to their own devices, they must ensure their own survival and that of the group. But only the best strategist can win SURVIVOR and an attractive one Prize money of € 500,000 take home with you!

The competition demands team spirit as well as smart decisions as an individual. Physical and mental stamina, a real fighting spirit and a strategic approach are required.

This game is about strength and sportiness and at the same time about intelligence and tactics. How do I have to behave in the group in order not to be selected and to stay in the game? How can I influence the group in order to achieve my goal and persevere to the end? How can i survive How do I become a “survivor”?

We are looking for adventurous women and men over the age of 18.

Fight for survival and apply for SURVIVOR now!

Note: The project is now occupied! Are you interested in similar projects? Then apply online now and make a reservation!


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