Remus was in love with Tonks

Is there any evidence in the books that Lupine was in love with Tonks?

There is a rather pointed clue in Half-Blood Prince when Lupine visits the Weasleys for Christmas.

Meanwhile, Remus Lupine, thinner and more ragged than ever, sat next to the fire and stared into its depths as if he couldn't hear Celestina's voice.

Oh come and stir my kettle
And if you do it right
I'll boil a hot, strong love for you
To keep you warm tonight

Men who stare deep into a fire while a love song is playing generally mean only one thing.

More specifically, when he's trying to keep Tonks out of a relationship, his excuses are many.

"And I've told you a million times," said Lupine, refusing to meet her eyes and staring at the floor, "that I'm too old for you, too poor ... too dangerous ..."


"I'm not being ridiculous," Lupine said steadily. "Tonks deserves someone young and whole."

If he didn't want to date Tonks because he didn't like her, would that be high on the list? But his answer seems natural that if he were young, whole, safe, etc., they would be together. I don't see any other way of taking this than an admission that he has feelings for Tonks. And when he lacked feelings for Tonks, Lupine doesn't seem like the type to torture her for months by taking her on.

More specifically, people generally don't become a couple and then get married within a month. I think it's clear that they were deeply in love.


I'm not sure. Both of these can be explained by a general social awkwardness that often occurs when you're a werewolf.


@isanae But they ended up together so the evidence seems to fit the crime, so to speak.


@tobiasvl He must have scratched his ass a few times too before they end up together but I don't see how relevant it is.


@tobiasvl How about this: he stared into the fire because he was uncomfortable in large groups and he found excuses for not wanting to hurt her by saying he didn't love her.


@isanae Given the author's tendency to predict events and make things meaningful, I'd say the quotes shown in the second quote are designed to imply Lupin's feelings for Tonks.