Who started the Big Beard Trend

The beard trends 2017: full beard, goatee, balbo

In 2017, too, the beard stands for an extra dose of masculinity. WANTED.DE shows you which beards are hip this year and which trends are emerging.

At the moment, it's all about the skillful combination of beard hairstyle and head hair. You can see in the photo show which beard variants the fashion-conscious celebrities and models wore at this year's Fashion Week in Berlin.

Classic full beard

The classic never dies out: Anyone who wears a full beard in 2017 is right on trend and opts for the masculine variant of beard fashion. The motto is: the hair must not be too long or too short for the classic look. If you want to have a full beard, the beard hair takes about four to six weeks. So that the look doesn't come across as stuffy or make you too old, it's best to choose a more youthful haircut that you can experiment with. Don't forget to take adequate care of your beard, then you can't go wrong with the 2017 full beard.

Bushy beard

In general, many beard varieties have become longer and thicker this season. Therefore, the full beard can be longer and bushier. But it can be a long way to perfection of this beard trend, which is best done with a trusted barber or hairdresser. The best thing to do is to modulate the beard according to the shape of the face so that it doesn't look completely out of place. After all, the beard shouldn't look like Santa Claus or something shipwrecked. In addition, it is crucial that the hair grows evenly and thickly. Then the positive effects can take hold: the longer and bushier, the wilder and more unconventional you look. The beard hair can be groomed and kept under control with oil.

Bald beard

The same applies to bald people in 2017: The contrast between beard hair and bald skull makes you a fashionisto. You can actually try every beard variant, but you can make the hottest fashion statement with a long biker beard: sensational and dangerous. Depending on the type, however, this look can make you look a little too old à la ZZ Top.

Full beard with long hair

Those who love it absolutely unconventional, want to emphasize their youthfulness and also have full hair, wear it long and combine the full beard with it: a bit of hippie, a bit of surfer, wild, indomitable and courageous. So you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. This ongoing trend definitely takes a lot of care time, because long hair makes everything a bit more complex - ask your friend.

But it's worth it: a full beard and long hair have made many a man famous, like the male model Ben Dahlhaus. Actor Jared Leto showed how chic beard, long hair and a tuxedo can look on many official occasions - and Ryan Hurst plays Opie in the biker series "Sons of Anarchy" with this trend combination. In any case, the beard prevents long hair from looking too feminine.


The stubble has replaced the three-day beard, this also applies to 2017. Depending on age and type, the stubble makes its wearer older or younger, guaranteed smarter and more casual. After about four to five days of growth, you can adorn yourself with the bad boy image. Women are often drawn to the mixture of sex appeal and a thirst for adventure - after a long kiss, however, some complain about the scratchy stubble.

If you still want to keep the stubble, you have to use a trimmer regularly, first a setting for longer hair and then you can shorten individual sections a little. The beard should look like you don't care much about it - but it is only through care that it stays even.


One of the winners for 2017 is the Balbo. Actor Robert Downy Jr. made him socially acceptable in the "Avengers" films and "Iron Man". This beard trend consists of a mustache combined with beard hair on the chin and often with a soul patch below the lips. The look is modern and confident. But be careful: some women find this beard trend arrogant. But even darling mother-in-law Ryan Gosling dared to do it. To achieve this style, you should first have a full beard and then trim it down.

Goatee Game Types: Circle Beard

The Circle Beard is also an old friend, for example Bryan Cranston wore it in the cult series "Breaking Bad": The mustache merges into the Goatee and so the hair forms a circle around the mouth. The cheek areas are shaved smooth. This makes the wearer appear smart, down-to-earth and tidy. You should also be tidy, because symmetry is the be-all and end-all for this beard. Everything has to be precisely trimmed, especially on the sides, so it is best to go to the barber at least for the first cut. You can also see other versions of the Goatee in fashion-conscious men.