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The fallout world exists in an alternate timeline that split off from the history of the real (our) world at the end of WWII. Until the great war in 2077, the fallout world was dominated by the distinctive American culture of the 1950s, which was, however, much more advanced in terms of technology. The setting of the Fallout world is strongly influenced by the science fiction anthology Worlds of Tomorrow, which was written during the golden age of science fiction in the USA[1] was released in the 1950s.


As mentioned before, real world history and the plot of Fallout are largely the same up to 1945. In 2077 the Great War breaks out. This is the most defining event in terms of the origin, storyline, and design of the Fallout world. On October 23, 2077 there was an all-out nuclear war between the United States, China and other nuclear states. The following nuclear holocaust from nuclear missiles and bombs lasted just 2 hours. The destruction was unimaginable and more energy was released in the first moments of the war than in all previous global conflicts combined. Life in the world that followed was hard and relentless for people.

90 years after the great war, mankind is trying to rebuild and is always striving to survive. Some managed to survive under the adverse conditions on the surface by searching the ruins of the pre-war cities seared by nuclear fire for food and shelter or by mass mutation to adapt to these new, contaminated environmental conditions. Communities that took shelter in underground vaults during the war and were thus isolated from the outside world emerge to repopulate the devastated areas. Striving to organize and sustain the human race, these ragged remnants of civilization are threatened by psychotic mutants, devious machines, vicious raiders, and all sorts of mutated creatures.

The first two games (Fallout, Fallout 2) take place mainly in the area known as the core region on the west coast of the post-apocalyptic United States, where the greatest threat so far came from the Master and the Enclave. The plot of the third game (Fallout Tactics) was set in the Midwest between the city of Chicago and the Cheyenne Mountains in Colorado. The following Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel takes place in the town of Carbon in northern Texas and the Ghoul Town of Los.

The fifth game, Fallout 3, takes place on the east coast of the United States, in the badlands of the capital of Washington D.C., the surrounding Virginia as well as in Pittsburgh and parts of Maryland. The sixth game, Fallout: New Vegas, takes place in Nevada and parts of California, Utah and Arizona, with most of the action in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas (here: New Vegas) and the surrounding Mojave wasteland. The 7 game Fallout 4 takes place in Boston, Massachusetts.


Before the great war

In the Fallout universe, America of the 21st century is on the brink of political paranoia and government madness, similar to the events of the 1950s. The United States government became increasingly militant and aggressive towards its real and fictional enemies. When the world's fossil fuels began to run dry and the industry's transition from fossil fuels to the newly developed nuclear power failed, the people of the United States and around the world became desperate.

The United Nations will officially dissolve in 2052. The reason was the ongoing energy crisis, which drove many smaller countries into bankruptcy and thus plunged into chaos. The European Community and the oil-producing countries of the Middle East waged a long, costly war over the last oil reserves, which ultimately ruined both sides socially and financially.

At the end of 2053, the United States will close its borders due to the outbreak of a devastating epidemic known as the New Plague. The plague is raging terribly among the American people. The city of Tel Aviv in Israel is destroyed by a terrorist attack with nuclear warheads.

At the beginning of 2054 the USA reacts to the increasing threat of a nuclear war and founds the "Project Safehouse". This project is funded through the issuance of mostly worthless US government bonds. As a result of the energy crisis, inflation has skyrocketed and the US government is on the brink of bankruptcy. The construction of huge, underground bunkers, better known as vaults, begins to ensure human survival in the event of a nuclear war or a pandemic.

In 2060, the oil reserves of the Middle East will dry up and the war between the European Union and the Arab countries will end. Europe is falling apart as a result of the war and the various countries are falling into chaos and are now waging war among themselves in the race for the earth's last resources.

In the winter of 2066, China invades Alaska to secure the last remaining drops of oil. For its part, the US is now starting a military offensive to wrest Alaska from the Chinese again. The conflict will continue uninterrupted for the next 11 years. Both superpowers are using up their last few resources in the costly war.

In 2076 the USA annexed Canada and exploited its raw materials (wood, petroleum) for military purposes. In 2077, Alaska is retaken by the United States and the Chinese expelled.

Saturday morning, October 23, 2077. The sky over the US is full of nuclear missiles and Chinese bombers, each laden with several atomic bombs. Nobody knows for sure who started the Great War and launched the first rocket, but in the following two hours the atomic inferno, fanned by the also shot down nuclear warheads of the USSR and the European states, destroyed the known world.

Due to the many false alarms in the months before the nuclear emergency, many Americans went too late to the safe vaults, especially on the west coast, where the first nuclear missiles hit. Many of them were standing in front of the already locked bunker doors when the bombs exploded. The enclave, consisting of a small group of members of the government, the military and their supporters, went to safety on an oil platform operated by the Poseidon Oil company in the Pacific Ocean, near the California coast, and from then on used the oil rig as a base of operations.

The post-war world

The Great War turned much of the planet into a radioactive desert, also known as the wasteland.

Those who were lucky enough to avoid the nuclear holocaust (about half of the world's population) eke out a life in darkness and radioactive contamination. In the coming decades, a large part of the flora and fauna will die as a result of the high levels of radioactive radiation and the lack of water, food and sunlight. Only the people locked in the underground vaults or in cryo-chambers were spared this fate. Many people outside the protective bunkers were swept away by the nuclear inferno or died shortly afterwards. A large number of those fortunate (or unfortunate) to survive later suffered terrible mutations caused by the radioactive radiation. The first consequences of radioactivity could be observed among the survivors in 2080. Lots of mutations in animals, plants and humans occurred. The effects on those who survived the mutation were permanent. New species emerged overnight, so to speak, including the previously human ghouls.

Two decades after the bombs fell, the first vaults opened their doors and their inhabitants flocked to the surface to rebuild the destroyed civilization. The core region, which includes the American Southwest and the West Coast, was one of the first areas in which, around 8 years after the Great War, people reunited to form communities. So previously civilized areas were slowly repopulated and a touch of normality returned to the everyday lives of the survivors.

The resource wars between the US and China never officially ended, but both states ceased to exist the moment the bombs fell. The Wasteland survivors, however, had bigger problems to deal with than the concerns of the fallen nations.

If you take a look at the earth from the spaceship Mothership Zeta, you get a pretty good idea of ​​what has become of the world. The planet's oceans turned into poisonous, radioactively contaminated pools. Scandinavia and Europe are badly damaged by nuclear explosions. The Soviet Union and China were also bombed. Greenland is still frozen. Asia and the Middle East are also covered by a layer of ice, likely a result of the Earth's climate changed by the Great War. The Antarctic landscape is completely black, which can be caused by the toxic oceans and atomic precipitation. The nature of the rest of the world is unknown.


Most of the creatures native to the wasteland such as geckos, RAD scorpions, brahmins, giant ants or spore plants were created through the contact of their ancestors with the omnipresent radioactive radiation. The mutation made them bigger, more durable and less sensitive to environmental influences and thus in many cases much more dangerous.

The origin of the ghouls, the zombie-like, ragged, disfigured, highly contaminated, former humans, can also be traced back to it. Normally, radiation in the Fallout universe leads either to death or to transformation into a ghoul.

Many ghouls are only outwardly different from other normal people. Their intelligence and their ability to speak as well as their nature were not affected by the mutation. Like everyone else, they are looking for their place in post-war society, but are discriminated against by many people because of their repulsive appearance and therefore mostly remain among their own kind. However, there are many cases in which the mutation has negatively affected intelligence and nature. Too high a dose of radiation turned many ghouls into mindless zombies who attack everyone and everything that approaches them. Such specimens are called feral ghouls.

The other source of mutations in the world of Fallout is the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FE). This is the result of research by West Tek in the field of biological warfare during the US war against China. The super mutants and centaurs are the products of infection with the FEV. The US military carried out various tests with the West Tek scientists based on the FEV in the Mariposa military base. After the Great War, the soldiers stationed there abandoned the Mariposa military base. The Brotherhood of Steel emerged from these soldiers.

After the Great War, the military base was forgotten until it was discovered by a small expedition of adventurers. Among the members of this expedition was, in addition to Harold, a man named Richard Gray, a doctor who originally came from Vault 8, but from whom he was expelled for murder. Most of the adventurers were killed by the automatic weapons of the still active security system. Harold and Gray managed to get into the base and found the vats with the FEV. Gray was pushed into one of the vats by a robotic arm and Harold was knocked unconscious.

Harold regained consciousness many miles outside the Mariposa military base. Through the contact with the FEV, he already began to mutate and made his way to the hub. Gray survived, too, but mutated terribly. Gray became the master, creating an army of super mutants from captured wastelands exposed to the FEV. He was killed by the bunker dweller in the course of fallout and the Mariposa military base was destroyed.

The enclave discovered the military base and, with the help of slaves and captured super mutants, excavated the FEV vats. The people who came into contact with the FEV became the second generation of super mutants. They were endowed with the same size and strength as their ancestors. However, the FEV was mutated, which meant that the super mutants had very low intelligence. The enclave sent a sample of the FEV to Vault 87 in the capital's wasteland. There the experiments with the FEV on captured settlers, raiders and other inhabitants of the wasteland were continued.


Core region

The core region extends from the ruins of Los Angeles in the south to the village of Arroyo in the north. With California, Oregon and Nevada it covers a large part of the west coast of the United States. The core region is for the most part very barren and hostile to life, which is why many people sought refuge in the ruins of the pre-war cities. Due to the rapidly dwindling resources, more and more survivors are forming communities and establishing settlements that would not have been thought possible in a world ravaged by radiation and mutation.

The ghoul population is initially concentrated in the core region around the area of ​​old Bakersfield (Necropolis). The ghouls disperse across the region after an attack by the master's army. Many of them moved far north-east and found a new home in Gecko or Broken Hills, where they lived among super mutants and people in the community.

The super mutants lived in the Mariposa military base from 2102 to 2162 and their patrols even extended as far as Los Angeles. After Master's death and the destruction of the base, many of them moved east.

Humans were the dominant species in the Core Badlands. Her largest cities were The Hub, Los Angeles Boneyard, New California Republic (city), Vault City, New Reno, and San Francisco.

In 2281 the entire core region is part of the NCR.

Mojave Wasteland

The Mojave Desert is known today as the Mojave Badlands. It is the second largest desert in North America and encompasses much of Nevada as well as parts of northern California, Utah and Arizona. The main part of the action in Fallout: New Vegas takes place here.

Before the Great War, Las Vegas was an oasis of civilization in the Mojave Desert, and New Vegas is close to earning that title as well. In the nuclear war, 77 nuclear missiles were shot down on Las Vegas and the surrounding area, but a large number of them were rendered harmless by the defense system of Mr. House. During the approach, 49 missiles were defused and therefore did not explode on impact and 21 were destroyed by lasers stationed on the roof of the Lucky 38. The remaining 7 missiles hit the surrounding desert. As a result, the impact of radioactivity on the flora and fauna was significantly less than in other affected areas of the USA.

The Chinese had bet against Mr. House; but the house always wins, as they say in New Vegas.

The NCR is the most powerful faction in the area, and New Vegas is on the republic's southern border. Other factions include Caesar's Legion and the Great Khans, the latter of which had a major impact on the region before the NCR emerged. There are also a few super mutants, most of whom live in the Jacobstown and State of Utobitha settlements, and the three families who run the casinos in New Vegas. The Brotherhood of Steel also maintains a small, secret base in the Mojave Badlands.

East coast

Strictly speaking, the "east coast" encompasses the entire sea coast of the North American continent. In the Fallout universe, however, only the north-eastern part is meant. The main part is the wasteland of the capital and The Pitt.

The capital's wasteland includes the ruins of Washington, D.C. and the surrounding wilderness. The way to the city center is impassable due to rubble and collapsed buildings. The only way to get to the center is through the metro system canals. Galaxy News Radio is headquartered in the city center and broadcasts its messages into the airwaves through a satellite dish on top of the Washington Monument. A group of slave traders has set up camp at the Lincoln Memorial and is hunting for booty from here. After they were driven out by the lonely wanderer, freed slaves settled there and organized their resistance. The Brotherhood of Steel, super mutants and mercenaries of the Talon Company battle for control of the boardwalk. The history museum is home to a ghoul colony that their town, founded in the building, calls Underworld.

Outside the city, the Citadel, the base of the Brotherhood of Steel, can be found in the former Pentagon. Project Purity is located on the banks of the Potomac in the Jefferson Memorial.

In the wilderness of Washington, D.C. several vaults were built and new settlements established.Rivet City is the largest of these and is therefore becoming the supplier of the Aqua Pura to the people of the wasteland, which was won by the Purity project. Vault 87 is the base and production facility of the super mutants. Vault 101 is the home of the lonely wanderer.

Directly south of the capital's wasteland lies the former Point Lookout recreation area on the coast. To the west is the Adams Air Force Base, where the enclave has found a new home after the Raven Rock base was destroyed by the lonely hiker.

The Pitt is a settlement in the ruins of what was once Pittsburgh. It was mostly inhabited by savages and troggs until it was attacked by a Brotherhood of Steel combat troops en route to the capital's wasteland. The residents were slaughtered or enslaved. Ishmael Ashur, a Paladin of the Brotherhood who was missing in action, turned The Pitt into a slave colony. Ishmael's goal was to build an army through the still functioning industry and soon to found his own state. Outside the settlements of Ronto and Monroeville can be found.


Factions in the core region