Why do people like to drink soda

  • What are the benefits of dog soda?
    • The drinking behavior can be improved, the dog drinks water more often and more consciously.
    • The immune system is strengthened.
    • A healthy bone structure is promoted.
    • The cardiovascular system is promoted.
    • Dehydration is prevented.
    • Healthy / shiny coat is encouraged (only applies to salmon flavor)
  • Which dogs is dog soda suitable for?

    Dog soda is designed for adult dogs. We therefore recommend that you donate it only after the growth phase has been completed.
    Small dogs can be pampered with dog soda after approx. 12 months, medium-sized dogs after approx. 14 months and very large breeds after approx. 18 months.
    Dog soda is suitable for any breed of dog. Active sports dogs in particular benefit from a targeted supply of water and fluids, as these quickly dehydrate after a lot of physical activity.

  • What Ingredients Are In Dog Soda?

    The main components of our food supplement are dried and ground spirulina algae. The valuable additives (vitamin C, taurine, selenium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, vitamin B12, biotin, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, folic acid) dissolve quickly in the water thanks to the powder base (inulin, sodium hydrogen carbonate, citric acid). The various aromatic substances (beef, liver sausage, salmon) allow for variety in drinking and encourage the dog to consume water regularly.

  • How much water should I add?

    The amount of water depends on the product used:
    1g dog-soda is dissolved in approx. 250 ml and 2g dog-soda in approx. 400 ml of water.

  • Why doesn't the powder dissolve completely?

    Dogs like structure in the water and are not disturbed by it.
    The main component of the dog soda powder are spirulina algae, which are not soluble in water. The spirulina algae form a greenish veil on the bottom of the bowl.

  • Where is dog soda produced?

    Dog-Soda is manufactured in Germany by a certified specialist in feed supplements based on spirulina. The packaging is produced in Switzerland and the packaging is carried out by employees of the "altra" social foundation in Schaffhausen. Dog-Soda is sent directly from the warehouses in Switzerland and Germany, so that the transport routes can be kept as short as possible.

  • How long does dog soda keep?

    The best before date is individually printed on each sachet and is approx. Two years after production.

  • How Often Do I Give Dog Soda?

    Dog-Soda is intended as a healthy, daily pampering program for dogs, which offers a plus in quality of life.

  • How should dog soda be offered?

    At the beginning, your darling may react cautiously to the new variety in the drinking bowl.
    Not all dogs like the healthy ingredients at the beginning and some animals are irritated by the process of dissolving the powder in the water. It is therefore helpful to patiently introduce your darling to the new tastes.
    Give him / her a few hours to test the products. Let the filled drinking bowl stand overnight so that the animal's noses can convince themselves independently and sustainably. Since the natural ingredients dissolve at different speeds, dog soda changes its appearance after a few hours, but remains fully enjoyable for at least 24 hours.

  • Can my cats drink dog soda?

    Dog-Soda was developed for dogs, but it can be given to cats without hesitation. We know from various customers that their cats also drink dog soda.
    Although cats need significantly less water (approx. 200-400 ml per day) than dogs, around a third of all cats suffer from a chronic undersupply of fluids. Cats therefore often have to be encouraged to take in more fluids, and dog soda offers a possible new approach here.

  • Can Puppies Drink Dog Soda?

    Dog soda is completely harmless to the health of young dogs.
    However, we consider it dubious to recommend supplementary foods in the first few months of life.
    Special puppy food is geared to the needs of growing dogs and therefore contains more calories to enable this growth and additional calcium and phosphorus to promote bone building. Dog-Soda does not offer these three elements, as we have targeted our product for adult dogs.
    We recommend dog-soda for adult dogs and therefore from approx. 8-12 months for small breeds and 15-18 months for large breeds.