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About Dr Martens
Dr Martens is owned by Airwair International Limited, a UK company based in Wellingborough. Anyone who knows a little about the history of fashion, and who perhaps still has memories of the beginnings of punk, will be very familiar with the name Dr Martens. The iconic boots from Doc Martens and other products from the British manufacturer's range are the core business of this site.

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Anyone interested in what Dr Martens has to offer can find out more on the company's website. Interested customers will find a whole chain of different boot models right on the home page, which are based on the classic design of Dr Martens. But in addition to the large, heavy boots with which the company has become known, many sandals and other light pieces have also been added. Are you vegan or just don't want to wear animal products because you can't ethically tolerate them? Dr Martens offers many products that are free from animal products or hides. Dr Martens has become known for the company's shoes having an air cushion that is incorporated into the boot itself, making it easier for the wearer to walk. Anyone who would like to get in touch with the company behind Dr Martens for further questions, reviews or suggestions can do so by phone or email.

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Perfect shoes, except in winter

I've had my docs for 1.5 years. They fit perfectly, are easy to walk in and they keep out the wet. If you take good care of them, they will look like new even after time.

Now the problem: This winter there is really snow for the first time and although the shoes should also be suitable for them, I've slipped and hurt myself several times. And then I walked on snow, not ice. So please improve your profile!

An expensive disappointment and returning it is a cheek

Once I wanted from Dr. Let Martens convince, because I wanted to venture into the boot game, and before I spend 600.- upwards on Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester Boots etc., I wanted to start cheaper. I was disappointed even more than I expected.
First of all I have no idea what kind of plastic leather is being sold there, according to the manufacturer it is made of real leather, but it just feels incredibly cheap. I don't care how it feels after 5 years. In the beginning, and certainly for the first 6 months, it is plastic. Also stabs the ankles of the toes really nicely when walking, for anyone who wants to get rid of some.
I also find the fits absurd. On a 1490 a 43 is too small for me and on a 1460 it is clearly too big for me. Dr. Martens is Vetements all of a sudden? It looks more like ordering fake items from a website and the Dr. Martens copies are not yet mature enough.
And finally we come to the return shipment. Oh shit the return shipping. For what reason do I have to spend almost 35.00 now so that I could try on two pairs of shoes that neither fit as they should, nor are they of appropriate quality for this price range? I could have ordered from Zalando in exactly the same way: unpack, try on, pack again, stick on the return sticker provided and bring it to the post office -> pay nothing. At the bazaar I get two pairs of fake Dr. Martens with the difference that I don't want to kill myself every time I have her on my feet.
Not sure if this is a strategy to get customers to keep inferior products and thus convince themselves that it is worth more than 35 to lose, but well

Rip off on the return - miserable service staff

I ordered 2 pairs of shoes. I wanted to send a pair back and noticed that there was no return label attached. After 45 minutes of waiting at Dr. Martens, I was dealing with a very snotty employee. Who told me in a very cheeky tone that Dr. Martens does not pay any returns. And referred to the FAQs! In the FAQs in the "Returns" section under "How do I send my order back?" It says: - You do not have a return sticker? A new label can easily be downloaded from our FAQs in the "Returns" section under "I have lost my return label, how do I get a new one".

The "return form" is only described below. The employee at Dr. Martens wanted to convince me that a return label is equivalent to a return form. Up until that point I did not know that a label is the same as a form. So return at your own expense. The summit here: It has to go to the Netherlands. So the return costs me 17.99 €. Expensive fun for expensive shoes. 400 € and no free returns?
It would be so easy! All of them now also allow returns in the stores. Why Dr. Martens refuses, and puts his reputation on the line, is a mystery to me.

Rip off par excellence! Once Dr. Martens and never again. Neither directly nor through other dealers.


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There is currently a review by Dr Martens. On average, it received a star rating of 4.6 / 10, with 55% saying they would buy from this company again.

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Dr Martens is primarily active in the online shop industry, with a focus on fashion.

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