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11 things only best friends make

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Cheers to the friendship and this one person with whom we can really share everything. Because we can all drop masks in front of our best friends. We can be completely ourselves and know that this is exactly what the other appreciates us for.

Hours of phone calls, serious feedback and insiders who survive for decades: It's time to say "Thank you!" To our best friends. to say: Thank you for sharing our life with us. Thank you for letting us take part in your life. And above all: Thank you for these 11 things that we can really only do with you!

1. Reminisce for hours

That's really one of the nicest aspects of long-lasting friendships, isn't it? Even if we haven't seen each other for months or even years, when we meet again it still feels like the last encounter was yesterday. Once we have built up a common treasure trove of memories, the time bond can no longer blur.

2. Forget about vanity

We no longer have to pretend to be our best friend. Jogging pants and baggy sweaters are completely sufficient for a cozy Sunday date on the couch. And our favorite person deliberately overlooks greasy hair or deep circles under the eyes anyway. Nice!

3. Talking softly

Whether it is about honest feedback for an outfit, a project or the new partner - a huge advantage of true friendship is honesty. We know each other so well that we no longer have to mince words. On the contrary, we are even ready to accept things that we would rather not be told by a less familiar person. In all honesty: Who else could criticize our great love or question our decisions with impunity?

4. Make a phone call in the toilet

Who else do you take to the toilet when you call without being ashamed? Correct. Nobody. But that's no wonder either. After years of friendship, the borders are disappearing. And during those hours of phone calls you have to pee at some point. Then why interrupt the nice conversation?

5. Make plans

There is hardly anyone with whom it is so much fun to forge plans for the future and then discard them again at the same time. Simply because it is sometimes nice to indulge in the most absurd ideas and dreams and not immediately say "Huh ?! It won't work anyway!" to get to hear.

6. Discuss gross things

"My bowel movements are not working. Do you have a tip?" Or: "I've got so many pimples lately - really big, white ones." Or also: "I just can't shave myself right now. I have such nasty razor burn." Dear friends, it's so nice that we don't have to be ashamed of anything with you! You take our worries and needs seriously - even when it comes to unpleasant topics.

7. Laugh heartily

Who doesn’t know it: you’re out and about with your best or your best and everything is just screaming - even if it’s not really funny. Sometimes we just laugh to laugh. It's just damn good to be silly at times.

8. Just cry

Whether we are lovesick, lose our job or the Weltschmerz just gets too big - our closest friends have an open ear for us at any time of the day or night. And that is very important! At some point each of us needs a shoulder to cry on, without having to think about whether that might be too much for the other at the moment.

9. Eat right

What do we mean by that? Eat as if we were alone. Between us: If we eat without a spectator, then the burger is not carefully pushed from one hand to the other and then consumed with a knife and fork. Then we bite into it, everything drips and falls on our laps. The fingers are dirty, there are leftovers on the face and the bites are actually much too big to be able to chew at all. THIS is how eating is fun and THIS is how we eat without thinking about it, even in the presence of our closest friends.

10. No false modesty

Sometimes it's just good to celebrate yourself. We don't have to withdraw out of false modesty or be afraid of being stamped with arrogance on our foreheads. With you we can feel like a king at any time - you just celebrate with us!

11. Keep silent together

You probably know that: You are sitting next to your best friend, pondering in front of you and suddenly you notice that you haven't said a word for an hour - and you didn't notice it uncomfortably. Gorgeous! That's the way it has to be! When we reach this point in friendship, hardly anything can go wrong. Then you can go on vacation together or imagine how to open a shared apartment together in old age.

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