Why do fruits fly like bananas

Goodbye fruit flies! The best tips

Suddenly they are there, the fruit flies. From one day to the next they appear out of nowhere and make themselves comfortable on fruit and leftover food. Most of the time we take the insects home with us when we go shopping. Sometimes they also fly in through open windows and doors. The light vinegar smell of overripe fruit attracts them. The storage of fruits is therefore the first point at which you can start to put an end to the animals. There are other tricks as well.

Buying and storing fruit
First tip, especially in warmer temperatures: Shop less. Then you consume the fruit and vegetables promptly and they don't get old. Some purchases such as tomatoes, bananas or citrus fruits should not be stored in the refrigerator. To protect them from fruit flies outside, you can wrap a fly screen around them or cover them with foil or a bowl. Wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly before eating them so that fly eggs and bacteria are rinsed off.

Eliminate waste immediately
The fruit flies also like to romp around in organic waste and lay their eggs there. A well-closed rubbish bin is therefore very important. In addition, you should regularly bring the garbage to the bin so that the insects are less attracted.

Set up a vinegar trap
Vinegar, washing-up liquid and water: the tried and tested home remedy for fruit flies is still relevant today. All three ingredients are put into a bowl that is placed next to the fruit basket. The detergent causes the water to lose its surface tension. The fruit flies are attracted by the vinegar smell and immediately drown in the water.

Tinker trap yourself
Ready-made traps can be bought in shops, hardware stores or drugstores. But you can also easily make them yourself. To do this, fill a glass with beer, wine or vinegar - a liquid that attracts the fruit flies - stretch cling film over it and poke a few small holes in it with a fork. The insects get into the glass, but then cannot find their way out and are trapped.

Tip for animal lovers
If you want to catch the flies but not kill them, take a plastic bag, put a banana peel or other suitable fruit bait in it and leave the bag open. When the fruit flies land on the bait, the bag is closed and carried outside, where the unloved insects are released back into the wild at a safe distance.

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