How do I learn to dive

Learn to dive: Valuable tips on how to become a diver

There is a magic inherent in every beginning: Even the most experienced diver has at some point started small with his first introductory dive and learn to dive. Diving into the fascinating, colorful underwater world is still a fascinating hobby and privilege today. We have collected some important tips for you on how you too can learn to dive and become a diver soon. How do you best get started?

Just imagine: The rule of thumb among divers says that in ten minutes you can see more creatures under water than in ten hours in a forest. The oceans are full of adventure and surprises. As a diver, you can dive anywhere in the world where other holidaymakers cannot see the underwater world. “Unlock the rest of the world” is the motto of a large diving organization and means something like: As a diver you have access to a part of the world that is closed to other people. Diving is addicting - and once you've dived, you're guaranteed to do it again. Because strange plants, colorful corals and an animal world that non-divers rarely see await under water: Millions of fish, sharks, whales, dolphins and rays await - the list of animals under water is endless! There are plenty of reasons why you should become a diver today.

Breathe underwater and float freely: this is what many people dream of. Photo: | License: CC0 Public Domain

This is how you start learning to dive

Is every beginning difficult? Not while diving! If you have decided to get to know the underwater world, the easiest option is to look for a diving school near you. You can find them, for example, in business directories or, quite simply, on the Internet in the search engine. Many portals now also offer the opportunity to rate diving centers. Take a look at the reviews of the diving schools and choose the one that you like. It is smart to always get more than one opinion and look at different platforms so that you get an overall impression of a diving school. And of course: ask your diving friends for advice! "We first recommend trying out diving in the pool. Two hours including a small theory unit and then off to the pool for at least 30 to 60 minutes. Depending on suitability and fun, a few smaller exercises that would be part of the next course (OWD)", reports Danny Mai from the diving shop Atlantis Hamburg, the largest shop for divers in the Hanseatic city. The diving instructor also knows directly what happens afterwards: "If you like, the newcomer can try diving in the Baltic Sea or in a nearby lake the next day. At least 30 to 40 minutes in the water" reports the 41-year-old PADI and SSI diving instructor.

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