Are there German series like Friends

Cult show alternatives: 6 series that "Friends" fans are guaranteed to love

"How I Met Your Mother"

Probably no other series has been using so often in recent years "Friends" compared as "HIMYM". No wonder, since the TV show is about five twentysomethings who are friends, also in New York, and deals with topics similar to them Cult series with Jennifer Aniston.

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"New Girl"

"Who's that girl? It's Jess!" Anyone who misses the shared apartments from "Friends" will come to "New Girl" at his expense. After all, the series shows the funny and bizarre everyday life that takes place in the shared apartment of Jess, Nick, Max and Winston. Warning, spoilers: You can't rule out laughing fits here!

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"Modern Family"

Like "Friends", only with family instead of friends - that's how it works Sitcom all about the extended Pritchett / Dunphy family. Because "Modern Family" also provides plenty of material to laugh about, but occasionally also provides emotional moments.

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"The Big Bang Theory"

"Friends" fans, who mainly celebrate Ross' nerdy way, naturally also like "The Big Bang Theory". The series about the ultra-smart physicists Sheldon, Leonard & Co. and their neighbor Penny is one of the most watched TV shows of all time and has already gained cult status itself.

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If you like medical series, but prefer to skip the whole drama à la "Grey's Anatomy" and instead just laugh, you should go for "Scrubs". The twenty-minute episodes with loads Slapstick elements and funny dialogues are guaranteed to put you in a good mood - just like "Friends" too.

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"Friends from College"

This is the perfect series not only for "Friends", but also for "How I Met Your Mother" fans, as Cobie Smulders aka Robin Scherbatsky plays one of the leading roles. The plot: 20 years after graduating from Harvard University, six friends meet again in New York - and discover that friendship, relationships and the like don't necessarily become less complicated as they get older ...

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