How does the waiting list work

Corona vaccination
Carinthia vaccinates: This is how the waiting list works

Only people invited to the vaccination can sit on it, the waiting list only applies to the respective vaccination center and on one vaccination day. Anyone who was on the waiting list and did not get through will be vaccinated at the next possible appointment.

KLAGENFURT. For the Corona vaccinations of the state of Carinthia, there has been a new option since last weekend to register on a waiting list. People on this waiting list can be contacted by phone at short notice and move up if people registered for the vaccination do not keep their appointments and vaccine doses would be left over. The people on the waiting list thus have the opportunity to get in touch one week before their intended vaccination date.

Only with an invitation link

Attention: You can only register on the waiting list if you have previously received an invitation link by email and / or SMS. According to this, only people from the current vaccination campaign are on the waiting list, i.e. currently over-65s or high-risk people, for example. The waiting list is only valid for the respective vaccination center and only for a specific vaccination day, after which it is automatically deleted. Anyone who was on the waiting list and was not contacted by the vaccination team will definitely receive a new invitation link and will be vaccinated at the next possible appointment.

Make the best use of vaccination doses

The aim of this waiting list is to divide the available vaccine doses even more efficiently. Vaccination doses should not be left over and should not be discarded. In general, the state of Carinthia is doing everything it can to vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible. So if someone has received an invitation to vaccinate and a vaccination center is fully booked on the selected day, there is the possibility of signing up for this day and at this vaccination center on the waiting list. The persons invited to the vaccination must actively decide by clicking on "Yes, please add to the waiting list" or "No, not add to the waiting list". Anyone who can be put on the waiting list must give a mobile phone number.

Waiting list only takes effect towards the end of the day

The state of Carinthia emphasizes that an entry on the waiting list does not guarantee that you will receive your vaccination on a certain day. It is only towards the end of the vaccination day that it becomes clear how many people have missed their appointments and how many vaccine doses are therefore left over. As a result, only as many people can move up from the waiting list. Anyone on the waiting list should definitely be reachable by phone that day.

additional Information

The information about the new waiting list function may have caused uncertainty because there were different waiting lists before. However, the waiting lists in the nursing homes, the vaccination campaign for over-80s and the resident doctors are not related to the reservation system of the state of Carinthia.