How can I hold up my jeans

Translation of "Them jeans of yours" in German

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Them jeans of yours look tighter than Daisy's.

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Suppose you want to get a good look in the mirror or be able to fit into these amazing jeans of yours.
Let's say you look good in the mirror or be able to look amazing in this Jeans from you fit.
Jean-Marc, your father's no longer here to uphold the dignity of your Surname.
No, you couldn't, because of your new Jeans.
Easy to slip into the pocket of your jeans or shirt, they won't weigh you down or get in the way.
You can just do it in your jeans or a shirt pocket - it's neither heavy nor in the way.
If I can take 2 more out of your jean I can go see a movie.
You two, get out of your jeans and into bed.
If part of your jeans are not submerged in bleach, this is okay.
If a part the jeans is not submerged, this is okay.
You carry your jeans other your shirt under your poor.
Estate Earrings add the finishing touch to any outfit? from your jeans to your wedding dress.
State Earrings add the finishing touch to any outfit? of Your jeans to Your Wedding dress.
Describe your Figure with just a few clicks, determine the fit of your new Jeans and you will immediately be provided with appropriate suggestions.
You can describe with just a few clicks Your Figure and determine the fit the new Jeans and immediately receive the appropriate suggestions.
You can minimize your impact and prolong the life of your jeans by following our five simple care guidelines inside the Jeans and online.
You can too the Minimize environmental impact and extend the service life your jeans through our five simple care instructions increase.
Feel good about your appearance, regardless of the scale reading and realize that someone makes a beautiful face their spirit - not the size of your jeans.
Feel good about your Look no matter what the extent reads and know what makes someone a beautiful person is their mind - and not her jeans Size.
Combs in a rockabilly look and made of zinc are a must-have for your bathroom and the pockets of your jeans.
Combs in rockabilly look and made of zinc are a must-have for bathrooms and pocket.
Holding that the extra weight of your average may create some problems, which are far more harrowing than the inability to fit into your jeans.
Carrying bag that extra weight Middle finger can have some problems that are much more than the inability to get in the jeans fit harrowing create.
I'd have Jean braid your hair.
But first we'll say a prayer for Father Jean other your friends.
Before that, let's go for Father Jean and your Comrades pray.
In the Jean, your secretary.
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