Are twin flames meant to be lovers?

Dual soul, twin flames and soul twin -15 facts

The dual soul - connections and differences

The dual soul or the twin flame are currently a big topic. The connections and differences between the individual terms on the subject of dual soul and how the creation, development and fulfillment happens are explained in this article.

1.) Does the dual soul really exist or is it just a myth?

Many people, especially those who are already living spiritually, will at some point ask themselves the question whether the dual soul and twin flame are real or not.

Above all from a certain point of their increase in vibration through their spiritual development in their life. But also through the activation of Kundalini, intensification and expansion of the light body and the free flow of Prana and Merilla. Or the opening of the crown chakra and the like, questions about the dual soul are interesting for further development and it is essential to answer them.

For the free flow of Prana, such topics become relevant for the further development of the unity consciousness of the lovers and thus emerge in the consciousness.

Often only people ask such questions that their twin flame has not yet met. Because from the moment of the encounter, the existence is clear and obvious.

It can also be that they have been disappointed by their dual soul and are now trying to find the way out of this exhausting relationship and have then confused it with the twin flame relationship and now vehemently reject everything across the board. It's all natural and part of the process and relationship between two flames.

This relationship usually also has some periods of disillusionment and denial. Usually, it's one of the most important lessons we need to learn.

2.) Are there really twin flames?

Before a person incarnates into his present life, he exists as a single soul on the so-called spiritual plane. Then two different beings are born from this soul. Both manifest as a mirror expression on the so-called physical plane.

So: One of these two is you and the second is initially your soul twin. After developing as a dual soul, this soul becomes your twin flame in order to ultimately reunite with you as a pair of butterflies.

3.) What is connectedness to the soul?

Partnership can be entered into for various reasons, out of a sense of duty, love, compassion, need for security and desire.

It can also be entered into for reasons of substitute satisfaction, or out of real perceived closeness and perceived familiarity. As if you had known each other forever, which you can feel at first glance when you are connected to the soul.

This also has to be distinguished from soul contracts which serve the karmic support and the balancing of energies. The memory and activation. Or they stipulate as an incarnation contract when, where and how exactly one will meet in any case.

Spiritual attachment can contain soul contracts and is expressed in any case in a feeling of security, affection, attraction and trust. There doesn't have to be any desire, entanglement or infatuation.

You can easily feel this bond and usually support each other free of charge out of unconditional love and enjoy the community.

Karmic entanglements don't feel as harmonious. This allows you to clearly differentiate between them. A bond with the soul does not have to be interpreted as a partnership, but can also be experienced as a soul family. Characteristics are familiarity, support, appreciation, exchange and improvement of the overall well-being.

4.) What is karmic love?

It means that these people still have soul contracts to fulfill. Unilaterally or mutually, in order to serve the spiritual growth or to make amends for something. You often experience this, especially with your dual soul. It means that a certain insight, action, or meeting has been planned (by both). Before the incarnation that must now be redeemed.

It can be done with a gesture, years of care or an argument. To learn. It can be fun or painful. There are all possibilities, properties and variants. It can also mean that one of the two bears the burdens for the other out of love. Or out of necessity for the other to survive or develop.

It is one-sided when one is karmically free and takes half of the pain out of love. But it can also be alternating or at the same time. And here, too, it can mean both harmony and stress, during the time and execution together.

5.) How do I recognize my dual soul?

In the view through the window of the soul. As an attraction, but especially in the unspeakable suffering. To arguments and breakups without actually being able to endure it for long. Because without the other, your dual soul, something is always missing. Pain and love as well as a stormy passion of sexual attraction are connected with the other at the same time.

One cannot, so to speak, with the dual soul until the issues are clarified. But also not without it, as painful longing torments the two dual souls to come together to solve it. But mostly they avoid the mental when it is unconscious people. They then have passionate on / off relationships with wild sex in which it is acted out fearlessly instead.

6.) What is a soul twin?

Soul mates who were the same soul immediately before the birth that was divided immediately before the incarnation are called soul twins. They are identical except for the curriculum vitae, the same skills, interests and characteristics. They understand each other blindly.

7.) What is a twin flame?

A twin flame is a soul that was once soul twins and has completed the path as a dual soul. Or everyone has already completed their own personal development as dual souls.

But in any case, no longer have anything karmic. And there are no differences either, because every single twin flame is clear with regard to the issues of the correspondence to one another. Even without opposites, but feeling sexual attraction.

The twin flame is mostly opposite-sex and in contrast to the soul twin who only feels familiarity with the same sex. In contrast to dual souls, they understand each other blindly, but each of them may have other personal issues to solve.

8.) Butterfly pairs and the dual soul

While butterfly partners, first born as soul twins, have the same soul structure, parents, gender, then experience as dual soul, become opposite-gender through termination or new incarnation of only one or after two departures of the one directly opposite-gender twin flames.

When both have completed their tasks, their development as Dual soul have been completed and have arrived at the end of the incarnation loop and meet at the end of the incarnation cycle, then they can be admired and enjoyed in absolute love in this special last life in personal perfection and harmony of union as a pair of butterflies.

These steps can also be followed in a lifetime with hardcore intensity, but this has only happened once, it is too violent.

9.) What is meant by bond?

A person who has a lot of closeness, relaxation, security and agreements with his mother has a healthy ability to bond. So that blind understanding can take place through eye contact ideally.

A good, intensive bond is created through a lot of time together, closeness, love, support, exchange, joint ventures and respect. A disturbed bond can develop: when neglected, when opposing messages are conveyed or contradicting actions.

Or when violence and abuse, or other negative and painful childhood patterns, are re-enacted with the partner. Also by coupling love and fear or tenderness and violence.

Soulmates and twin flames understand the spiritual origin of our relationships for the unification in their souls as a heart mission and personal life task. There are so many questions that arise in our mind about our past, present and future love life.

Questions like:

  • Is it the date I met this person?
  • Was the guy I broke up with last year and can only just think about my soulmate after all?
  • Did I choose one man or woman from the start? But wasn't I meant to be with someone else?
  • Why do I feel very strong chemistry with this woman / man?

The better the bond in childhood, the easier it is to be confident and act on it. This article will help you understand some common ideas related to love and spirit.

10.) Who is a past life lover?

Many times people say, “I've never felt the way I feel about my new partner. The connection between us is extremely strong from the start and the physical chemistry goes beyond the limits. "

I believe that chemistry between lovers like this exists because of past life connections. But you always have to remember that just because you had a connection with someone doesn't mean you should be with the same person in this life as well. The chemistry you feel may be due to the build-up of energy from several past lives.

11.) What is a twin flame?

Well, every soul has a twin soul attached to it. The Twin Flame is able to bring out the aspects of personality that were previously hidden in the shadows.

This bringing together of our parts that we fear to possess enables us to then heal them completely. But the misunderstanding about twin flames is that people think that because there is only one soul attracted to them, only that one soul (the twin flame) can only romantically fill them.

Don't stop yourself from going out in the real world and finding your love.

12.) How do I know when I found my soulmate?

Soul mates feel right at home. They accept our flaws and weaknesses and we do the same to them. They will stay with you in sickness and health, in bad and good times. Even if they accept you for who you are, they will still push you to be the best version of yourself.

13.) What can I learn from relationships that don't work?

Many of us go through the phase of being with someone for a few years and in the end it turns out to be bad for us. We start to ask, "What was this relationship about?" You begin to realize that something was wrong from the start.

What can you learn from these failed relationships? For example, to listen to your heart, to stand up for yourself, to honor your gut feeling, to wait for better opportunities, etc.

14.) How can I work together with the cosmic laws in my love life with my dual soul?

We can always ask the universe for help by asking for signs and guidance in finding the right partner, dual soul, or improving your current relationship. If you are happy to be single then that is wonderful!

But if you are longing for a relationship, then remember that there is always someone for you who will truly love you and treat you lovingly.

Don't stay with someone for the wrong reasons like habit, fear, gossip / prestige or advantage where you cannot be yourself and are neither supported nor respected. Even if you believe that it is your dual soul. The right person who really loves you want you to be happy!

15.) When is it better to leave and when should you stick together despite everything and what do soulmates have to do with it?

Soul connectedness and soul mate are two different things.

You can feel very connected to members of your soul family, but that does not mean that you want to live with them or should have a partnership, on the contrary.

Twin flames are partners or soul mates, while the soul kinship expresses itself only in soul bondage, without sexual attraction.

There are souls that complement one another, support one another, and others that are meant for a relationship. You shouldn't confuse this familiar feeling with attraction and arguing during relationships that are not good and meaningless with you Growth process of the dual soul in a partnership.

To be together with soul mates for comfort and convenience instead of finding one's true, predetermined butterfly partner is just as pointless as staying in a destructive painful relationship for fear of being alone or confusing this with the dual soul process.

You then mutually take the chance to really feel at home with the right partner and to be truly seen and accepted, as well as to grow and be really happy.

How do I recognize the correct dual soul?

There is an unshakable attraction there, the same values ​​and goals, the same orientation and attitudes in life and complementary in skills and qualities. You can see it in the eyes, feel it in the stomach, the joy is exuberant and love is infinite as is the attraction.

Specifically, I can tell you whether it is the right thing to do if I know your situation, your personalities and the individual situations of the meeting, in order to know whether it takes the development of both or the separation.

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