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WiFi: the right location for your router


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Electrical devices can interfere with the WLAN network

Electrical devices can influence the WLAN network. Therefore, when positioning your router, make sure that it is not located next to electrical devices. Products with an electric motor, such as a washing machine, can also have a negative impact on the WiFi signal. This is because the same frequency range may be used as with WLAN.

This affects the 2.4 gigahertz frequency. So refrain from positioning the router next to the television, cell phone, baby monitor, loudspeaker or microwave. The router should also not be placed next to Bluetooth devices. If the router cannot be placed elsewhere, you can use the 5 gigahertz network with modern dual-band routers. The range is smaller here, but it is also less prone to failure.


  • Do not place routers near electrical devices such as cell phones, televisions, speakers, or microwaves.
  • Electric motors such as those in washing machines can also interfere with the signal.
  • Changes to the 5 gigahertz frequency if it can only stand next to a potential source of interference.

How to check the location with heat mapper, speed test and Co.

If you think you have found the optimal location for your router, first check the WiFi signal strength on the connected devices. It is also worth downloading a test file or calling up a high-resolution YouTube video. The best way to test your WiFi network is of course with a speed test. This gives you information about the upload and download speed as well as your ping.

There are also so-called heat mapper programs. With these you can precisely check the WiFi signal anywhere in your apartment or house. You can download the Windows software "Ekahau Heat Mapper" from our download archive. The free tool shows the WiFi coverage in the different rooms of your apartment or house in a heat map. We explain in a separate manual how you can use the Ekahau Heat Mapper to analyze the range of your WiFi network.


  • Download a test file and stream a high-resolution video, for example on YouTube.
  • Do a speed test to check upload, download and ping.
  • Uses heat mapper software to analyze WiFi coverage.

Wifi signal still weak, now what?

Have you considered all of the points mentioned regarding router placement and still the WiFi signal is too weak to penetrate your house or apartment? It doesn't have to be. With a few simple tricks you can optimize the signal and thus increase the range of your WiFi network.

If that doesn't help anymore, there is only one solution: We have already advised you to use a WiFi repeater in a few steps if the range of your router is not sufficient to cover everything. These devices are available at affordable prices. You can already buy good repeaters for 30 to 80 euros. If you already have a mesh-capable router, we advise you to buy a mesh repeater in order to operate the network optimally.

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