What does asylum mean


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In law, asylum means above all protection from danger or persecution

The word asylum comes from the Greek language. The word asylum means: home or accommodation.

Article 16a (1) of the German Basic Law states: Politically persecuted persons enjoy the right of asylum.

This means that people who are granted asylum can live in a safe state.

Politically persecuted means that a state persecutes a person for political reasons. Politically persecuted people live in great danger in their state. Your human rights are not respected. Some people are physically injured, tortured, or even killed.

There are several reasons for political persecution:
  • a different political opinion than the state
  • a religion that the state does not want
  • Homosexuality or transsexuality
These people get asylum in Germany. That means they can live and work here.

To do this, however, they must first apply for asylum. Then the state checks whether the person is politically persecuted. For example, it also checks whether the person has already been granted asylum in another country and has come to Germany from a safe country.

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Drawing: Refugees ask for asylum at a border crossing. (& copy bpb)

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