What happens when Saturn enters Capricorn

The duration of JUPITERS through the zodiac is approx. 12 years.

The influence on a person's natal predisposition is with the transiting planets
mostly easy to see. This also applies to JUPITER transits. With the following
In interpreting texts it should be noted that in life only what can be realized in the
Birth constellation is created. Also the way of life of a person is in the sense
the law of cause and effect matters like a planetary momentum
manifested in transit.

If the current JUPITER has a personal planet (SUN, MOON, MERCURY,
VENUS or MARS), experiences the corresponding planetary principle in the
Usually a promotion. JUPITER stands for luck and success.
In the case of tension aspects (square, quinkunx, opposition) one should look analogously to the
Beware of exaggerations as mentioned above. Does it concern the birth
SONNE is about the way of acting. You could be more optimistic about a situation
judge as it actually is. With the MOON one could tend to too much or too
to eat unhealthily.

The effect of tapering aspects is stronger than running away aspects. From the point of view of the
Seen in the zodiac would be a transitJUPITER in Libra on planets in Cancer
and in Capricorn form a tension aspect in the form of a square (90 °).
In the order of the signs, Cancer is three signs before Libra and the
Capricorn three signs after Libra. The effect on planets in Capricorn
is more intense here than on planets in Cancer.

You can now navigate to the individual planets or read on below.
JUPITER in transit =>

Effect of the running JUPITER on the houses (areas of life).
JUPITER's message here is: “He who dares wins! Be optimistic about yours
Aim in the affected area of ​​life! ".
There are two or more planets in an affected house
to expect a stronger effect. Are these also personal?
Planets (SUN, MOON, MERKUR, VENUS or MARS) so can the Jupiter influence
be perceived more consciously.

TransitJUPITER in the 1st house
(Aries House, Enforcement)
The 1st house in the horoscope is the area of ​​the ego's life, the enforcement of one's own
instinctive type (Mars). Here the forces are applied, on the one hand your own will
shapes that also show our physical appearance to the outside world.
If the walking Jupiter enters this fiery area of ​​life, one comes with the environment
easier to navigate. Resistance from outside is now less to be expected.
Self-confidence is strengthened.
It is important to keep an eye on the mutual benefit when communicating with others.

TransitJUPITER in the 2nd house
(Taurus house, money, property, intrinsic value, demarcation)
The 2nd house in the horoscope is the area of ​​life of money, of material values
as well as the eigenvalue and the delimitation. The walking Jupiter enters this
Area of ​​life, that could have a positive financial impact. Possibly results
yourself an opportunity that you can seize. Jupiter strengthens in transit
also your intrinsic value, which should ultimately also have a positive financial effect.
However, you should also make an effort. Without diligence, no price - that also applies to
Jupiter. Actively approach the world and keep your eyes and ears open
Opportunities open.

TransitJUPITER in the 3rd house
(Twin house, contacts, communication, self-presentation)
The 3rd house in the horoscope is the area of ​​life of communication and non-binding
Contacts. This house influences the way of thinking and speaking, among other things
and present yourself.
With the entry of the running Jupiter into this house, the topics of contacts,
Communication and self-expression activated. Jupiter will be expanding and happiness
associated with bringing properties. The beneficial influences of Jupiter should above all
become noticeable in the first few months from his entry into this house.
Your own way of thinking and the way you speak become more tolerant and open to the world. Now
is a good time for training and further education. Communication with people
flows better in the environment. Relationships with relatives could also occur during this period
be freshened up. Because the spiritual interest in new things is now heightened, one should
focus on a few key issues. Who is interested in too many new ones
Organizes projects, the bottom line would be unsatisfactory results.

TransitJUPITER in the 4th house
(Cancer house, feelings, family, emotional roots)
- renovate apartment
The 4th house in the horoscope is the area of ​​life of feelings, family and soul
Root. This house provides information about the start in life, the relationship with the mother
and the formative feelings in childhood.
If the moving Jupiter enters this area of ​​life, the promoting relate
Influences on one's own psychological foundations, the family and the world of emotions.
Invest more time and energy in your home now and design it to
that you can feel as secure as possible there. You can now too
Take care of those people to whom you feel emotionally attached.
Maintain your family contacts and be completely private. Take yourself
Time for yourself and enjoy your familiar surroundings.

TransitJUPITER in the 5th house
(Leo house, joie de vivre, creativity and entrepreneurship)
The 5th house stands for the area of ​​life of joy, playful access to the world,
the creative creativity and also for the spirit of enterprise. This house is that
Assigned to the sun and thus has to do with cordiality.
When Jupiter touches this area of ​​life in transit, those with the 5th house will be
related issues are activated in a positive way. Jupiter promotes your self-confidence here
and your creative potential. During this time it is easier for you to authentically compare your being
to express about other people. It is an impulse for more joie de vivre ...

TransitJUPITER in the 6th house
(Jungfrau House, Work, Everyday Life and Health)
The 6th house in the horoscope is the area of ​​life of adaptation to the requirements of the universe
day. This is about a practical lifestyle, everyday tasks and an appropriate one
Health awareness.
When the moving Jupiter enters this area of ​​life, its supporting ones relate
Influences mainly on the area of ​​work, coping with everyday life as well as on
your own health. The vital forces are strengthened. Also attitudes towards professional ones
During this time, tasks should be carried out by more sense of purpose and optimism.
At work, people are now more optimistic than usual, which makes everyday life easier
can. The work is easier. This positive attitude is also supported by the
professional environment, which can have a positive effect on the working atmosphere.
Working conditions could improve. But be careful when eating. The body
now utilizes the food particularly well.

TransitJUPITER in the 7th house
(Libra house, partnership, encounter with the YOU)
The 7th house in the horoscope is the area of ​​life of partnership and encounter
with which you. But it also describes the way of encountering the YOU
how harmony and balance can be brought into life.
If the moving Jupiter enters this area of ​​life, the promoting relate
Influences on the encounter with the YOU. Partnership and relationship become
favored. It is also possible to meet people who are good with you
mean .. => see also TransitJUPITER Opposition AC

TransitJUPITER in the 8th house
(Scorpio House, Beliefs, Becoming and Decaying, Sexuality)
The 8th house in the horoscope is the area of ​​life of inner convictions, the
Family pictures and strong ties. Everything that manifests here becomes more intense.
This also applies to the level of feelings and sexuality. The 8th house with its
Scorpio plants goes beyond life with its energies. Here are
Information about becoming and passing away, about life and death.
The 8th house of your own horoscope corresponds to the 2nd house (money house) of your partner.
If the moving Jupiter enters this area of ​​life, the promoting relate
Influences on one's own convictions, models and ties. Jupiter brings
open-minded and tolerant energies here. During this friendly Jupiter
Influence, you can view your personal mission statements in a less judgmental way, and if necessary
adapt to changed conditions in your life. There where beliefs
have become too dogmatic, Jupiter strengthens the willingness to compromise.

TransitJUPITER in the 9th house
(Sagittarius house, finding meaning, philosophy, traveling)
The 9th house in the horoscope is the area of ​​consciousness-building, the
Finding meaning and philosophy. Also attitudes to other countries and
Cultures is displayed here.
If the moving Jupiter enters this area of ​​life, the promoting relate
Influences on awareness building, search for meaning, philosophy or even when traveling.
Jupiter may be interested in literature, religion, continuing education, and other countries
Awaken cultures.

TransitJUPITER in the 10th house
(Capricorn house, calling, society, career)
The 10th house in the horoscope is the area of ​​life of calling, society and
of career. In this house are the social norms, rules and
Laws in the foreground. The top of the 10th house (Medium Coeli, center of the sky)
is seen astrologically as a goal in life. This house therefore represents a high point
at least as far as the social level is concerned.
If the moving Jupiter enters this area of ​​life, the promoting relate
Influences on career and social recognition. During this time you should
Consciously take advantage of professional opportunities. Now it is easier than usual
to get closer to his career aspirations.

TransitJUPITER in the 11th house
(Aquarius house, friends, groups, like-minded people, intellectual level)
The 11th house in the horoscope is the area of ​​life of the intellectual exchange with
Friends and like-minded people. It is the house that hints at our individuality
and our need for freedom.
When the moving Jupiter enters this area of ​​life, the promoting relate
Influences on the area of ​​friends and one's own freedom. Common
Activities with friends can now be accompanied by happiness and success.

TransitJUPITER in the 12th house
(Pisces house, social, helping, artistic facilities)
The 12th house in the horoscope is the area of ​​life of helping, dreams and
Desires. There are also references to the sensitive, spiritual and
artistic plants.
When the moving Jupiter enters this area of ​​life, the promoting relate
Influences on "inner" happiness. It is a search for meaning in the silence that comes with
Jupiter's transition over the ASCENDENTS can be beneficial.

Effect of the running JUPITER on AC, MC, SUN, MOON and PLANETS.

TransitJUPITER conjunction AC
- strengthens physical and mental health
- Expansion options for personal relationships
- Good chance to use external success for internal growth
- increases self-confidence
- But be careful of excessive self-confidence, so that you do not look outward
.. looks arrogant.

TransitJUPITER sextile AC
- can make you more sociable
- rather positive current from the outside

TransitJUPITER square AC
During this time, differences of opinion about world views can be easier
the environment. I like my own views less of others now
be understood. At the same time, however, the walking Jupiter awakens the need
to express one's own opinion more clearly. A little patience takes
the sharpness of this tension aspect.

TransitJUPITER trine AC
- less resistance from outside than usual
The walking Jupiter has a harmonious effect on the ascendant, which makes the encounter
relieved to behave towards the environment. During this time, fellow human beings can get into the
step own lives, which mean it well and have a supportive effect. Enforcement of the
Your own external needs can be done more in a friendly way.
This transit can also like one's willingness to help and sociability
also strengthen those of the environment.

TransitJUPITER opposition AC
During this transit, Jupiter is in a tension aspect to the 1st house / AC (ego,
Enforcement) and at the same time enters the 7th house (partnership, encounter) of the
Horoscope a. With regard to the 1st house, Jupiter will boost your self-confidence. you
can appear more energetic than usual towards your personal environment and
Express your interests with more enthusiasm. Because the current
Jupiter is now in a tension aspect to the AC, you should be exaggerating
avoid. Otherwise you could overshoot your target too easily.
With regard to the 7th house, the promoting and expanding energies arise
the level of partnership and encounters to the effect. Partnership
makes you Jupiter more tolerant and loving. Your optimism may be minor now
Smooth friction surfaces. In very stressful partnerships, however, Jupiter could
Arouse thoughts of separation. A separation at the time of this transit should, however
be relatively gentle and possible without much argument. Now you could humans
meet who expand your consciousness or otherwise have a supportive effect on you.
Perhaps Jupiter will ensure that you can experience a particularly large number of encounters
or that you become more involved in social activities such as events
Feel drawn to the context of art and culture.

TransitJUPITER conjunction MC
- promotes self-confidence
- one arrives better in the professional environment and in society
- good chances for professional improvement

TransitJUPITER in the tension aspect to HEAVEN'S CENTER (MC)
TransitJUPITER square MC
TransitJUPITER Quinkunx MC
TransitJUPITER opposition MC
- Resistance from the professional environment or society possible
- Career advancement plans are more difficult to implement during this time
- A healthy optimism gives energy as long as you don't overdo it.
If Jupiter in transit forms a tension aspect to the center of the sky of the horoscope,
the self-image of the human being is strengthened by the promoting energies of Jupiter. Because it
But if this is a tension issue, you could now move on to a certain one
Tend to overconfidence. If you are generally rather humble and back-
this transit can give you more confidence. But you are
already blessed with enough self-confidence, during this time you should
Beware of drifts. Otherwise, you could all too easily through your excessive enthusiasm
lose track of the tasks or projects you have taken on.

TransitJUPITER trine MC
- Builds confidence and optimism.
- Promotes social / professional success.
- You arrive better in the professional environment and in society.
- Better opportunities for professional improvement.
The MC (center of the sky) stands for the “self-image” of people. Now forms the current one
Jupiter has a harmonious aspect at this point in the horoscope is the self-
trust strengthened. The personal charisma inspires confidence and is positive
to the outside world, which can also result in professional advantages.

TransitJUPITER conjunction SUN
- New beginning with a positive sign.
In the time in which the moving Jupiter moves over the natal sun, this is preserved
Special support even from humans. Projects that started now
have a good chance of success. Jupiter will be lucky and in general
Attributed to success.
Because Jupiter encourages enterprise and creativity
now mostly about more self-confidence. It is also a good time for awareness
advanced training. You may now meet people who are you
open your eyes to a more open worldview. In general, for all Jupiter transits the
Note that one should beware of exaggerations.
When assessing the effects of this “aspect of happiness”, however, are also the
To take into account the effects of other transit planets. Difficult transit influences
could weaken the positive effect of the Jupiter conjunction with the sun.
But even in this case, a bit of luck would still be there.

TransitJUPITER trine SUN
- strengthens vitality, entrepreneurship and creativity
- Your own way of acting is based on optimism and self-confidence
A pleasant time when you just want to enjoy life.
However, one should use the moment and the creative potential. What
Otherwise difficult to tackle, should be easier now.
Self-confidence is strengthened. Health and wellbeing are supported.
But be careful not to overdo it when it comes to physical work and sport.
This Jupiter transit could also make you reckless. This time also favors
financial matters. Maybe you want your own environment now
beautify. Also, this transit can increase the desire to travel to other cultures
or simply reinforce after finding a meaning.

TransitJUPITER in the tension aspect of the SONNE
TransitJUPITER square SUN
TransitJUPITER quinkunx SUN
TransitJUPITER opposition SUN
- Beware of exaggeration or arrogance
This Jupiter transit promotes the sun's vital forces and strengthens your self-confidence.
Enthusiasm and creativity are also activated. Because Jupiter in the
The tension aspect tends to exaggerate, however, is a bit of discipline
necessary. During this time you do not like to be told anything because the
Are convinced of the correctness of your actions. Watch out for these fiery forces
on a little patience, then Jupiter can be in transit on your ventures and
Activities have a beneficial effect.

TransitJUPITER conjunction MOON
- feel comfortable at home
- make your own apartment cozy
- can arouse marriage wishes
Jupiter promotes an optimistic and tolerant worldview. It is also called the planet of happiness
denotes and has an increasing and expanding effect. The moon stands for your emotional world,
Your family and the way in which you want to experience security. Now touch the
Jupiter running the moon in the form of a conjunction can be seen first of all
briefly translate as "happy feelings". One can assume that at this time
Your emotional world is promoted. You can see the world kinder than usual and leave
also with more trust in other people too. Your family and personal life is getting now
stimulating impulses. But because Jupiter also has an expanding effect, you should now focus more strongly on that
Make sure you eat the right amount. The body becomes during Jupiter's influence on yours
Mond use the food better, which is also shown in the form of weight gain
could. Basically, however, you can enjoy life in this constellation.
It's easier to go through everyday life with happy feelings.

- Promotes a healthy emotional life - as long as you don't overdo it.
- Increases generosity, emotions and tendency towards self-righteousness.
Jupiter stands symbolically for expansion of consciousness, search for meaning and is often used in general
A connection between happiness and success. The fact is that he is something broadening
has in itself. With its tension aspect to the moon, this can have the consequence that one
tends to exaggerate emotionally at this time. You want to be there for the others, for them
provide them with advice and support. Because that easily turns into overprotection
do not overdo it in emotional matters.
The moon stands not only for feelings but also for giving and taking food. While
this transit, the body could use the ingested food better, which is
in the form of unwanted weight gain.

TransitJUPITER trine MOON
- Promotes a healthy emotional life
Jupiter stands for luck and success. It strengthens confidence and optimism. The trine as
harmonious connection brings the pleasant side of Jupiter to the fore. The birth
The moon and its connections in the horoscope symbolize the world of emotions, the family and
the spiritual roots.
The time of the harmonious influence of Jupiter on your moon becomes your emotional base
strengthened. Your inner peace will be strengthened. You may feel more than usual now
Feel contentment. Relatives or people you trust may come
towards you with a supportive intention. It is a harmonic and friendly vibration that
You should enjoy now. However, this transit does not arouse any drive. He offers you one
little rest and you can gather strength that you can use for your projects afterwards
can use.

TransitJUPITER in the tension aspect of the MOON
TransitJUPITER quinkunx MOON
TransitJUPITER opposition MOON
- Promotes a healthy emotional life - as long as you don't overdo it.
- Increases generosity, emotions and tendency towards self-righteousness.
If the moving Jupiter touches your natal moon in a tension aspect, it touches
Your emotional world. Because Jupiter is generally associated with happiness and enlargement
is brought, this transit has a positive effect on your emotional world. You now want for that
To be there for others, to take care of them, or to provide them with advice and support. Because
that can easily result in an overprotection, you shouldn't in emotional matters
exaggerate. The moon stands not only for feelings but also for giving and giving food
to take. During this transit, the body can better manage the food it consumes
utilize what could become noticeable in the form of unwanted weight gain.

TransitJUPITER conjunction MERKUR
- has a positive effect on communication and learning skills
- the mind becomes clearer
- however, there is also the risk of exaggerating.
When the moving Jupiter moves over the birth mark, the communicative one becomes
The way people express themselves is promoted as well as their possibilities of representation.
Thinking becomes more open, tolerant and optimistic than usual. One is now
more easily able to synthesize from the varied experiences of life
form. Also this transit arouses the interest in philosophical, religious or
Questions of meaning. Jupiter could also be used for education or training
motivate. Communication with those around you is now mostly conflict-free and encouraging.

- Your own way of thinking becomes more tolerant under this beneficial influence.
- Jupiter strengthens the ability to think positively.
- Has a harmonious effect on the area of ​​communication with others.
The promoting influence of Jupiter works here on a communicative level. Jupiter brings
during this time the opportunity to think more tolerantly and optimistically than usual.
Your mind is now more open to other opinions. But at the same time you can
also better express your own view of the world. The opinion
exchange with other people is now favored. Your clear thinking strengthens you
Perception, which makes it easier for you to get to that information
that enable you to make the right decisions. During the harmonic
Jupiter's influence on Mercury are also important negotiations related
favored with intent to buy or sell.

TransitJUPITER in the tension aspect of MERKUR
TransitJUPITER square MERKUR
TransitJUPITER quinkunx MERKUR
TransitJUPITER opposition MERKUR
If the running Jupiter touches your birth course in a tension aspect, could
You are more prone to opinionated opinion. Basically, this is transit
but to be seen as positive. During this Jupiter influence you tilt more than usual
to exchange ideas with other people about important topics. Important here
is that you make sure to also listen to what others have to say.
Jupiter in transit is also convenient for signing contracts and planning. Indeed
you should do this carefully. Jupiter tends to over-
drifts. With a little tolerance and a willingness to compromise, you can do the positives
Best use of Jupiter's sites.

TransitJUPITER square MERKUR
In the case of contracts
and planning should be done very carefully. Jupiter likes to tend to
Exaggerate This transit can also indicate a hectic time.

TransitJUPITER conjunction VENUS
- feel comfortable in yourself, favorable for partnership

TransitJUPITER square VENUS
- Can arouse the need for more enjoyment in life
- Beware of exaggerations.
Jupiter stands for luck and expansion, among other things. He usually strengthens that
Self-confidence. Venus is the planet of encounter and the ability to enjoy.
If the running Jupiter touches your birth venus in a tension aspect, so promotes
he first of all your encounter behavior.You can now with more confidence as well
Approaching others with optimism. But because it is a matter of tension,
you will be more prone than usual to exaggeration during this time. You should therefore
in the encounter with the YOU not from your enthusiasm for rash actions
get carried away. You could easily see things more beautifully now than they actually are.
A little restraint would be an advantage with this aspect of Jupiter.
When enjoying good food, be careful not to overdo it. The body
now processes the food better, which can easily be seen in the form of weight gain
could affect. On the other hand, you could use this transit if you
deliberately wanted to put on a few pounds.

TransitJUPITER trine VENUS
- promotes a more carefree life
- promotes periods of relaxation and good interpersonal relationships
During this time, people tend to be more sociable or social
than usual. Life should now be easier and more carefree. Meetings,
Entertainments or fun events are more attractive
at. On the other hand, it is now harder to do serious and strenuous work
dedicate. You may learn now
also know someone you fall in love with. Because Venus is made of material
Is assigned to values ​​and money, this time is generally also favorable for money
matters viewed.

TransitJUPITER opposition VENUS
- Can arouse the need for more enjoyment in life
- Beware of exaggerations.
- be a little more reserved when meeting others
This tension aspect is usually pleasant for the person concerned. Jupiter is promoting here
the desire to meet other people. The need for harmonious and
balancing contacts are strengthened.
The pleasure of enjoyment can also be activated here. One should therefore pay attention to
that it is not exaggerating. This is especially true for the enjoyment of good food and
Drinks. Otherwise it would be easy to gain weight during this time. On the
At the partnership level, the influence of the walking Jupiter awakens a wish
more freedom. This could create tension with a partner who is responsible for
more free space is not set. Here is the open and honest exchange of the
mutual views necessary.

TransitJUPITER conjunction MARS
- strengthens self-confidence and energy
- promotes the conviction that one's own activities will succeed

TransitJUPITER square MARS
- increases self-confidence and energy
- Danger: to appear domineering and arrogant
- tendency to exaggerate
If the moving Jupiter forms a tension aspect to the natal Mars, this can be one
show favorable time. In any case, the newborn receives more self-confidence and energy.
The danger of this connection lies in the tendency to exaggerate. You can
sometimes appear too domineering or arrogant. On the other hand, this transit could
but also be very constructive and useful if you succeed in your activities
to take the needs of others into consideration.

TransitJUPITER trine MARS
- strengthens self-confidence and energy
- Whatever you do, it is easier now,
Mars symbolizes in the horoscope the energy to enforce the ego and one's own
Needs. When the moving Jupiter works harmoniously on your natal Mars, feel
Be more confident in your activities. During this time you can
Entries and projects inspire you and you will also feel that your environment is part of them - more
than usual - motivated. Conflicts or resistance are hardly to be expected now. Existing
Disputes can now be settled more easily. This transit will also be lucky
attributed to the birth of a child (easy delivery). Even with existing ones
Litigation could affect the Jupiter chances for a favorable deal

TransitJUPITER opposition MARS
- activates energy
- Tendency to exaggerate

TransitJUPITER conjunction JUPITER
The current Jupiter needs about 12 years to orbit the sun.
If he touches your natal Jupiter in a conjunction, he can see your world
lighten up in a way that you can see things with more optimism.
This positive energy can also have an impact on those around you. Possibly
During this time you will meet people who mean well with you. Or you come
in touch with wisdom that can expand your consciousness. Are cheap here
also training or travel. Jupiter becomes the property of multiplication and
Attributed to extension. During this time, new opportunities can arise for you.
The prerequisite for this, however, is your willingness to make an active effort.

TransitJUPITER in the tension aspect of JUPITER
TransitJUPITER quinkunx JUPITER
TransitJUPITER opposition JUPITER
- strengthens self-confidence
- Happiness, as long as you don't overdo it!
- promotes self-confidence and entrepreneurship
- do not exaggerate; you could overestimate yourself or your possibilities!
- You want to advance a lot now. It is important not to exaggerate here.
- But be careful of arrogance, which can arouse resistance from outside.
Jupiter generally stands for luck and expansion. When walking Jupiter one
Forms tension aspect to the birth Jupiter, the expanding energies become in one
Activated wisely that you may become overly confident and opinionated
could. The tension aspect harbors the danger that you are too rashly now
want to get involved in new projects. Perhaps you now tend to do too much at once
wanting what could jeopardize the success of your activities. If you are on the ground though
Staying with reality, you can now take advantage of the optimistic energy of this transit
to be carried to success.

The harmonious influence of the running Jupiter on the natal Jupiter opens that
Awareness of philosophies and meaning that are more relevant to your own life
correspond. Optimism and confidence will be strengthened and you will see the world
now more luminous than usual. This also has a positive effect on the psychological and physical
Balance. It's a good time to make long-term plans and life
to organize.

TransitJUPITER conjunction SATURN:
- favorable for agreements and contracts
- the structures that have now been created are permanent
- Matura aspect (now you can achieve something very special)
Jupiter is assigned, among other things, promoting and expanding properties.
If the moving Jupiter touches the birth Saturn, you can use existing restrictions
reduce in such a way that you experience more purpose and confidence. If you
feel particularly restricted by professional or private duties, this becomes
Transit awaken the desire for more freedom. In difficult cases, that could be the case too
cause a separation. In general, however, you will now strive to
within the existing order to find more ways of expression that suit your
Striving for meaning in life. Your self-confidence will be strengthened and inner doubts will be strengthened
appeased. You can therefore expand your personal freedom during this time and that
See life more optimistically than usual.

The harmonious influence of moving Jupiter on Saturn makes it easier for you to feel that way
accept as you are. Jupiter makes a too strict super-ego (Saturn) friendlier
agreed. This will make it easier for you to carry out your tasks and duties during this time. By
The positive attitude and confidence could now solve problems that you have
have burdened for a long time. However, Jupiter sometimes tends to exaggerate.
Do not burden yourself with too many tasks during this Jupiter influence,
which could become too much for you after this transit.

TransitJUPITER square SATURN:
- promotes self-confidence and entrepreneurship
- Be careful not to overdo it; you could be yourself or your options

TransitJUPITER quinkunx SATURN
This transit awakens a need to separate from people or circumstances, too
who no longer have a real connection. One tends to use moral standards
and to discard behaviors as they are now perceived as inappropriate and
aligns his sense of duty and responsibility more with real needs.
Significant tension can be experienced during this transition.
You often feel restless and insecure now. Business or professional must
you are now going through a critical time, which also includes certain opportunities.
You could tend to change or change your professional position -
perhaps a new position offers better opportunities. In this case you should use the
accept new position. In general, every opportunity should be used
Expansion and liberation from barriers to which one has previously been subjected,
perceive. But without smashing china

TransitJUPITER opposition SATURN
- promotes self-confidence and entrepreneurship
- Be careful not to overdo it; you could be yourself or your options

TransitJUPITER conjunction URANUS
- intensifies the urge for freedom, good for surprises
- internal and external journeys
Both the running Jupiter and the natal Uranus are symbolic for
Freedom. While Jupiter means a tolerant freedom in the sense of cosmopolitanism,
Uranus stands for individual freedom. Both join in the way of one
Conjunction is in any case strongly activated the person's feeling of freedom. In this
Time one will therefore "blow up" limiting or oppressive living conditions
want. Now more than ever you have the courage to make changes. However, you should
do not exaggerate his or her individual development needs. There, where one of his
People are actually needed, one should in any case to his responsibility
stand. During this transit certain fortunes could also surprisingly occur
demonstrate. You could experience certain successes professionally or meet someone
who supports one side.

TransitJUPITER sextile URANUS
Slightly harmonious aspect
Makes you open to new ideas and life patterns.
During this time, you learn easier than usual and recognize the essentials more quickly.

TransitJUPITER in the tension aspect of URANUS:
TransitJUPITER square URANUS
TransitJUPITER quinkunx URANUS
TransitJUPITER opposition URANUS
The moving Jupiter extends the personal in the tension aspect to Uranus
Need for freedom. You want your own needs now more than usual
put in the foreground. Restrictions in private as well as professional
Environment are hard to bear at this time. But still watch out for one
little patience, otherwise this tension could easily conflict with yours
Trigger environment. After the Jupiter tension has subsided, you can at best
consider given constraints and obligations more objectively and find solutions
think. The positive side of this transit lies in its refreshing energy.
How strongly this revolutionary force is expressed depends on the character behind
reason and the other aspects in the respective natal chart. Jupiter is in
Reasons for happiness and success. One or the other conflict can also be there
bring a happy turn in life. It is important here to be careful not to
to act impatiently or carelessly.

- Makes you open to new ideas and life patterns.
Uranus stands for individuality and freedom. When the walking Jupiter is your natal Uranus
touched harmoniously, it expands your need for personal freedom. Jupiter gives you
During this time, the courage to deal with restrictive or stressful life situations in both
addressing and changing family as well as professional areas. If you have your
Striving for change requests with the right measure and goal, you can now with more
Expect understanding from those around you. Jupiter is in harmonic transit
enjoyable. Even so, he may have a tendency to overshot the target.
Your life will now become more alive and be touched by an optimistic vibration.
Sudden new opportunities could arise. Enjoy this one
Good luck influence, but stay down to earth.

TransitJUPITER conjunction NEPTUNE
This transit arouses a heightened idealism. Now you feel the compassion
to people who are socially or healthily worse off than usual.
During this time, religious or philosophical topics also become more interesting.
Because your idealism can now be greatly stimulated, you should also move on to a healthy one
Pay attention to a sense of reality. Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses would be that
Pose a risk of deception.

TransitJUPITER in the tension aspect of NEPTUN
TransitJUPITER quinkunx NEPTUNE
TransitJUPITER opposition NEPTUNE
The influence of tension from the running Jupiter on Neptune arouses unrealistic longings.
Jupiter and Neptune reject restrictions and limitations. You tend more now
than usual to want to live your dreams. During this time, make sure you have a healthy one
Realism and let yourself be carried away by the boundless cosmopolitan Jupiter-Neptune connection
don't be fooled. Wait with important decisions to see the effect of this
Transits has subsided.

- trust your intuition more now
- strengthens sensitivity and idealism
- but still needs a healthy realism to be successful

TransitJUPITER conjunction PLUTO
- Great efforts are now bearing fruit
- awakens the desire for a permanent bond
- Desire for more togetherness
- has a positive effect on the social environment
When the walking Jupiter moves over the natal Pluto, the models become and
Man's ideas of consciousness-expanding energies are touched. That can
mean that you are now ready to meet those who think differently with more tolerance.
However, if Pluto is under tension in the horoscope, one could be at this time
to be so convinced of your guiding principles that you can hardly accept other opinions
would like to. This transit also stands for an increased urge for power. Maybe you want to
create something very special now. Whoever mobilizes his strength in an area now
where he can make optimal use of his systems, he will probably achieve his goal.
Now you might tend to be stronger than usual with certain beliefs too
identify. Whether it is about power issues or moral concepts,
depends on the birth picture of the person concerned. But one should be dogmatic before everyone
Beware of attitude and always remain open to other "truths".

TransitJUPITER sextile PLUTO
Slightly harmonious aspect
The Jupiter-Pluto connection generally exhibits a certain spiritual arrogance
attributed to. In the case of the slightly harmonious sextile, one can assume that your
Self-confidence is strengthened without becoming arrogant.

TransitJUPITER trine PLUTO
Pluto in the horoscope mainly symbolizes beliefs that relate to a larger one
Frame. The ideas and models of the family of origin are influenced by the
Horoscope owners essentially carried on.
If Jupiter touches your natal Pluto in transit, you have the opportunity to
to coordinate procreations with the current social context. The
necessary inner change can take place fluently. You might get in that time
also the possibility of positive changes in your private or social environment
to stimulate. Your opinion will now be heard more than usual. But make sure that
Don't just focus on your own interests. Your goal should be a
Change the living conditions that affect both you and those around you
is good for you in the long term.

TransitJUPITER in the tension aspect of PLUTO:
TransitJUPITER square PLUTO
TransitJUPITER quinkunx PLUTO
TransitJUPITER opposition PLUTO
Pluto symbolizes in the horoscope the ideas and beliefs that we have of our own
Family or our social environment. When the walking Jupiter
forms a tension aspect to your natal Pluto, you tend more than usual to
to be convinced of your own view of the world (your own truth). So can
a certain mental arrogance associated with it. Jupiter extends the ones created in Pluto
Desires for power, which could easily manifest as an exaggerated striving for dominance.
During this time, make sure you have a tolerant and open-minded attitude and try
You to use your energy for the good of the community. If you are too focused on your
Concentrating ego desires, the energy of this transit could turn against you
and trigger conflicts with people in power.

TransitJUPITER opposition CHIRON
Supports dealing with the "sore spot":
More joie de vivre through the acceptance that weaknesses are human!

TransitJUPITER square LILITH
Encounter with other cultures, foreign countries or foreigners
Increases moral values.

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