May cause dermatillomania myopia

The autosomal dominant form of the cyst kidneys goes into the third generation: My grandfather died in the 1970s of complications after a kidney transplant. In 2006 and 2007 the kidney function of my uncle and my mother was so limited that here too only transplants could help.

Patients with cystic kidneys should also be screened for additional cysts in other organs. I also have the first cysts on my liver. I was also found cysts on my ovaries in 2000. Nobody really knows whether it is the polycystic ovary syndrome or maybe the late-onset AGS (congenital andrenongenital syndrome, autosomal recessive).

Ultimately, I have a huge metabolic disorder. How come And why in such an accumulation?

I've been going to a nephrologist at least once a year since I was 19. My gynecologist marathon started a year earlier because of the suspected PCO or hyperandrogenemia. Months followed in which I kept suppressing the topic of PCO. And yet I was afraid of (and still am) not being able to have children (as an insensitive and incompetent gynecologist told me at the age of 18). At first I suspected psychological causes: repeated fear of pregnancy due to the lack of rule in a difficult partnership, stress and so on.

Because of my high blood pressure (thanks to the cyst kidneys!) And my addiction to smoking, I cannot take the pill. Besides that, I don't even want to. After Belara and Diane 35, I finally had enough of the side effects and in the latter case even changes in my personality. The period came about 5-7 times in 12 months anyway.

I'm almost 28 years old now, it's August 2008 and my last period was a year ago in July. That worries me. Are there medications, such as metformin, that could help my ovaries return to normal? Or is that my learning task: dealing with the possibly deeper causes in the emotional and spiritual area?

Open questions:
What exactly is metabolism?