Jesus is only 50 God

For Christians, Jesus is God himself. That is why they worship him very much. Christians believe that God came to earth as a person for a short time in the form of Jesus to show his love for people. That is why Christians also call Jesus the Son of God. And that is why they call God "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" at the same time. There are exciting stories about the life of Jesus in the Second Testament in the Bible.

Jesus was probably born in Nazareth more than 2,000 years ago. There he lived with his mother Maria and the carpenter Josef.
Jesus was a Jew. As a child, his belief was very important to him. He later discussed the Hebrew Bible frequently with other Jews. When he was about 32 years old, he went out as an itinerant preacher and proclaimed the love of God to shepherds, farmers and fishermen. The most important sentence comes from the Hebrew Bible: "Love your neighbor as yourself."
But Jesus is also said to have told new stories about what God is like. He is said to have called himself God's true Son, through whom all people can come to God. With his teaching, Jesus gave hope to the poor and the weak. The Bible also tells stories of miracles that Jesus is said to have performed in the name of God.

Jesus was always there for others. So he won many followers. However, after a while, other people became suspicious: Was Jesus really God's Son? Or was he just pretending to be the "King of the Jews" and lying to them? The mood heated up. Eventually his opponents called Jesus a criminal, hung him on a cross and killed him with it. The cross is the symbol of Christianity to this day.

Christians believe that Jesus returned to life afterwards. Three days after his death, his grave is said to have suddenly been empty and his disciples are said to have met with him for another 40 days. Only then should Jesus' life on earth have finally ended.

Christians see the resurrection of Jesus as a sign that Jesus has opened up a way to God for all people and that after their death a life with God awaits them.

Many holidays remember Jesus. Christians celebrate their birthday every year with Christmas. Good Friday commemorates the execution on the cross, and Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. Ascension Day is the day of remembrance of Jesus' final farewell as a human being from the earth. In addition, the year Jesus was born is the beginning of the Gregorian calendar. It applies worldwide.

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