Why is the pet care industry booming


Cannabinoid-based (CBD) products are a godsend for pet parents looking to treat their pets naturally and effectively. The trailblazer is Canna-Pets, a pioneer in cannabinoid nutrition for pets.

The pet care industry is experiencing a boom in holistic, natural products for pets. As more people want to balance the diets and supplements they have for their pets with those they have for themselves, it only makes sense. And now that cannabinoid-based (CBD) products are gaining acceptance in our medical treatments, it makes sense that the same should be true for pets (CBD is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis / marijuana). But long before the trend hit, there was Canna-Pet - a leading innovator in the CBD-based pet product industry.

We're big supporters of CBD and the benefits it offers for both humans and pets. And when we were given the opportunity to speak to Canna-Pet spokeswoman Samantha Wormser about what makes the company and what makes it so special.

Question: Samantha, often pet parents interested in CBD products, will encounter opposition from veterinarians. I had this experience personally when I first mentioned a CBD-based product to a veterinarian friend who cited a lack of research on its effectiveness. What are you doing to help fix this?

Answer: Canna-Pet is working with the renowned Auburn University of Veterinary Medicine to fill this research gap. Auburn has used and researched Canna Pet products for over two years, with great success in many different fields, and published research on the horizon. While our products are recommended by some of the best veterinarians in the country, we recognize that veterinarians (and pet owners) want more research into product effectiveness.

Question: How did Canna-Pet come about?

reply: Canna-Pet was originally founded by Dan Goldfarb, who at the time was just a man who loved saving animals - especially his own rescue cats. He kept losing pets to sickness and disease, and he got tired of it. Dan started cannabinoid-based treatment. He spent years researching everything he could and eventually began to see results from a treatment he had designed for his ailing cat, Mariano. Mariano suffered from a variety of situations including IBS which, when treated with drugs, caused his hair to fall out. Dan created a formula for Mariano and when Dan saw success he realized that he might be able to help other animals and he started sharing his product with other friends whose pets were struggling.

The word spread as everything from fear to pain relief was seen in so many pets, and Dan realized he could make a difference in the lives of the animals he loved so much. He says that until until there are animals to treat or cure, the work of Canna-Pet is not being done and we will continue to research and create products that will enrich the lives of our pets.

Q: So this is not a typical "pot" for your pet, is it?

reply: No! Definitely not! Canna-Pet uses the stems and stems of organic, non-GMO hemp - it's not your average Mary Jane. Since we found through working in Auburn that animals do not respond well to THC (the hallucinogenic property of marijuana), we are not looking for canna-pet to "be something that gives pet benefits". Rather, we rely on the science and previously published work on the effectiveness of products containing CBD and terpenes. Found in herbs, fruits, plants, and even breast milk, not just cannabis, terpenes offer many health benefits without the negative hallucinogenic problems THC can bring. In a world of super bacteria, terpenes produce antimicrobial properties that fight microorganisms that do not respond to antibiotics. It is this combined power that we believe sets Canna-Pet apart from other competitors.

Question: I know extraction methods play an important role, and not all CBD-based products are created equally because of extraction methods. Can you tell me about yours

Answer: Actually, I can't tell you much! We use a patent-pending proprietary extraction method that ensures that every product that makes it has the same dosage and percentage of ingredients. With regards to Founder Dan's original intent to help animals, we know that referral from veterinarians is important to being a pet product that makes a difference to pets. We hope to continue educating the Veterinarians as our research and innovation continues to help our pets and share this exciting proprietary methodology.

Question: I saw on your website that you are quite philanthropic. What can you tell me about it

Answer: yes! Dan would like to expand the nonprofit side of Canna-Pet with our Pet Conscious branch. Pet Conscious is Canna-Pet's non-profit, philanthropic arm dedicated to creating a better world for pets by advocating for pet rescue, advocacy and rehabilitation worldwide. We fight for ethical research and help whenever we can so that no pet suffers. Recently, we donated 30% of Canna-Pet sales to Hurricane Harvey pet victims and will be offering our product to Houston Shelter to help the thousands of traumatized pets recover from the tragedy of the flood. To learn more about PetConscious, and the For efforts we make on animals around the world, visit their website.

If you are interested in learning more about Canna-Pet products, their website has tons of testimonials and research on a wide variety of topics. You will also learn more about the product that is best for your pet. Canna-Pet products are also covered by several major pet insurers such as Trupanion and Pet Plan if your veterinarian recommends them, so don't hesitate to speak to your veterinarian if you think this will make a difference. It's the only CBD-based pet product covered by pet insurance, so that says something right there!

Personally, I know that CBD-based products helped my golden oldie tremendously last spring when she was recovering from a leg amputation. I'm excited to see what Canna-Pet has to offer and what's to come in the near future!

  • Cannabinoid-based (CBD) products are a godsend for pet parents looking to treat their pets naturally and effectively. The trailblazer is Canna-Pets, a pioneer in cannabinoid nutrition for pets.
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