Which jeans fit people with large thighs?

Which jeans suit me? Cuts for men

The grouchy shopper in particular will hate buying jeans because there are so many different models. However, nowhere is an exact fit as important as with jeans. It looks ridiculous when the pants fit your legs, but your buttocks flop, or when your blue jeans wrinkle your legs, like a zigzag man. So that buying trousers does not turn into an endless ordeal to try on, you should think about it beforehand: Which blue jeans are right for me?

When answering this question, you must of course, on the one hand, be guided by your taste, because after all, you should like the new trousers. On the other hand, you have to be considerate of your figure. So before you go shopping, stand in front of the mirror. Look at yourself again from all sides and try to identify all problem areas. Pay special attention to your stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs and calves.

So that the advantages of your figure come into their own and small disadvantages are cleverly hidden, you must not use just any blue jeans. With the jeans model, pay attention to the waist height, the seat on the hips and buttocks, as well as the fit on the legs. To make it easier for you to choose the right pair of men's jeans, you will find a few useful tips below.

Which jeans for short men?

What small man doesn't want to be a little taller? With the right clothes, you can at least look a little bigger. It is true that you cannot fall back on shoes with high heels like women do, but jeans in the right cut can also do a lot.

  • As short, slim man you are predestined for a tight trouser shape. In the tight skinny jeans (important details about the cut can be found on the Skinny Jeans page) your legs will look longer and look longer. The skinny fits a little tighter and is also suitable for your figure. However, the skin-tight blue jeans are certainly a bit unusual and unconventional at the beginning.
  • Are you rather small and stocky, tight trouser legs are poison, because they emphasize every curve. Instead, choose bootcut men’s jeans with slightly flared legs at the bottom. This jeans cut makes you look bigger. Even a regular fit, which includes the Levi's 501 cult jeans, for example, cleverly conceals little puffs.
  • If you are a small, stocky youth to the Hip Hop Style, you can look forward to it. Because the extreme baggy is just right for your figure. All unpleasant curves disappear into the wide fabric cover. Please note, however, that you can only wear the baggy for leisure time. The floppy pants are out of place in the office.
  • As little man with a big, round bottom grab your carrot jeans. The trousers have a conical cut with a high waistband. As elegant jeans, they can often be worn with a jacket instead of suit trousers. Sarouel trousers are very eye-catching men's jeans that you can also wear. It is the male counterpart to harem pants.
  • Are you a short, sporty man, choose comfortable loose fit jeans. But also the tapered style, with the legs tapering towards the bottom and a loose fit on the hips, suits your figure. If you opt for slim fit men's jeans, your firm buttocks will come into their own. Tight calves and well-trained thighs can also be highlighted with this jeans cut.

Which jeans for slim men?

As slim, tall man you have the ideal jeans figure. You can wear whatever you like. If you want to emphasize your figure in particular, opt for tight trousers, such as a slim fit model, skinny jeans or skinny jeans. If you love it comfortably, choose the loose fit cut.

For the slim little man the wide baggy would be a blatant mistake. Because the large fabric cover makes you look even smaller. Instead, go for slim fit jeans that accentuate your figure. Regular fit blue jeans with a straight cut ensure comfort.

Slim, athletic men you have the choice to put your athletic figure in the limelight or to feel completely at ease in comfortable trousers. Figure-hugging pants are tight, such as skinny jeans or skinny jeans.

Comfortable blue jeans have a straight cut. The regular fit cut is suitable, like the Levis 501. But you can also wear men's jeans that sit loosely on the hips and narrow downwards, such as the tapered leg, for example.

Which jeans for chubby men?

Even if you have a bit of bacon on your ribs, you don't have to go without fashionable jeans. Enjoy the food, but still have trendy blue jeans.

  • As tall young man under 30 you can opt for the baggy pants. The super wide cut men's jeans don't even give a hint of your silhouette. If you are over 30, you should choose the baggy with a more inconspicuous cut. It's still wide enough to hide unpleasant curves.
  • For the small, chubby guy the trousers must not be too wide, otherwise it will look even smaller. Choose a bootcut. This model fits around the hips, buttocks and thighs, but is slightly flared at the bottom of the leg. This will make you appear taller. Straight-cut regular fit trousers are also suitable for your figure.
  • You are though plump, but with a narrow waist, the carrot jeans put your figure in the right light. The very high waistband emphasizes your waist perfectly. Because the pants are wide on the buttocks and thighs, your problem areas are perfectly concealed. Incidentally, the carrot jeans are also so elegant that they even go well with a jacket.
  • For the chubby man with flat bottom may it be a wide-cut bootcut or the comfortable loose fit style. If your trousers have large back pockets, which are also as far apart as possible, your buttocks appear a bit fuller. A decorative seam on the back of the blue jeans also visually provides more volume on the bottom.

Which jeans for men with a stomach?

Even a small beer belly doesn't make buying trendy blue jeans impossible. After all, the selection of cuts and models is large enough. Stylish blue jeans can also be found for your figure.

To as little man To take your eyes off your stomach, emphasize another part of your body. With a pair of skinny jeans, for example, you can put your shapely legs in the limelight. Or you can opt for moderate, regular fit men's jeans. You should give preference to a dark denim blue or black, because dark makes you slim.

who large can opt for comfortable hip jeans. Your stomach is not constricted and can be concealed with a wide T-shirt over the waistband or a casual shirt that you tuck loosely into your trousers. A popular cut that is suitable and tapered towards the bottom is the tapered jeans.

As Man with a stomach and wide thighs you can wear the loosely cut bootcut. The regular fit cut is also suitable for your figure. If you are not particularly small, you can also use the baggy. Both the beer belly and wide thighs disappear in the oversized trousers.

To one Hide the belly, but the flat bottom The Bootcut or a Levis 501 are ideal for visually padding up a bit. Choose a light wash and large back pockets. The pockets should be as far apart as possible and a little higher.