How to become a film scriptwriter

Screenplay / dramaturgy

In a standard study period of 3 years, you will receive a very personal and practical university education in which a large part of the resulting texts is actually adapted on film and in which a network is often created that lasts for an entire professional life.

The seminar groups are small (6-9 students), there is close cooperation with the other courses, and our teachers are themselves active in media practice. The course is organized in such a way that there is enough time to write. In the first year, the basics of scriptwriting are taught theoretically and practically and a first short film can be created in collaboration with the directing, production, cinematography, sound and acting courses. In the second year visual writing and auditory writing are specifically trained. Further short films and a radio play can be implemented in cooperation with the other courses. In the series seminar you design your own series. In addition, a long-term screenplay is being written for the first time. In the first two years there are also theoretical seminars and lectures, mainly on dramaturgy, aesthetics and media history. The third year is entirely the focus of the practical and theoretical thesis. A long-term script or series, a game, a graphic novel, a play, a documentary or other narrative work is created here. The theoretical thesis should be innovative in that it deals with a blank spot in dramaturgy or media studies and sets new or advanced accents. In the last few weeks of the course there is a transition seminar on professional practice as an author / dramaturge.

Depending on personal interests and developments, the lecturers build bridges for script students into professional practice. You invite editors, producers, authors and directors and arrange personal contacts. During the course there are film premieres in cinemas and at festivals, script readings in theaters and pubs as well as specialist excursions.

After completing your bachelor's degree, you are well trained for professional practice. Apart from that, it can make sense to apply for the master’s degree - more about this on the website about our master’s.