What is it like to play high basketball

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A basketball is orange and has eight black stripes. The NBA's predecessor organization, the ABA, played with a ball that had red, white and blue stripes. The women of the WNBA, like most teams in the German women's Bundesliga, play with orange and white striped balls.

The size of the ball varies. The majority of basketball players play with a ball that is 78 centimeters in circumference (also known as a size 7). In women's basketball, a smaller ball is often used, which is used in size 6. The smallest of the little ones, the so-called mini basketball players, play with even smaller balls (size 5), because their hands are not that big at that age.

The men's ball (size 7) must have a circumference of at least 74.9 cm and a maximum of 78 cm. It must have a weight of at least 567 g and a maximum of 650 g. The women's balls (size 6) must have a circumference of at least 72.4 cm and a maximum of 73.4 cm. The women's ball must have a weight of at least 510g and a maximum of 567g. A ball should be inflated in such a way that it jumps up from a height of 1.80 m between 1.20 m and 1.40 m (measured from the top edge of the ball).


The ring is attached to the board and hangs 3.05 meters above the ground. This height was set over 100 years ago and, in contrast to many other rules, has never been changed, although people today are significantly larger on average. The ring has a diameter of 45 centimeters.

The net is usually made of nylon and is at least 40 and a maximum of 45 centimeters long. It is attached to the ring in 12 loops. It is important that the ball is prevented from falling through quickly after a hit. But he must not get caught in it. It is advisable to pull a new net a little before hanging it up so that the ball fits through without any problems. For many players - especially good shooters - the noise (also known as "swish" in the USA) of a ball falling through the ring triggers a special kick. American commentators also use the saying "Nothing but net" for a clean throw that goes through the basket without touching the ring or board.

The game board is 1.80 m wide and 1.05 m high. The lower edge of the game board is 2.90 m above the ground. A black rectangle is drawn on the game board, which is 59cm wide and 45cm high. The upper edge of the basket ring ends with the lower line of the rectangle. The upper edge of the ring hangs in a horizontal plane 3.05 m above the ground. The ring has a diameter of 45cm and is 15cm away from the board.


The fact that basketball and the automobile were invented 15 years apart is really lucky. The success story of the car also included the triumph of the garage entrances, which can also be used as basketball fields. The garage itself is a wonderful place to mount the game board and the ring above the goal. As already mentioned, there are a large number of different board sizes in the relevant specialist trade, which can be easily attached with a little manual skill.

Of course, you can also buy a pole and attach the board to the side of the driveway or in the garden. It is only important that the floor is reasonably level. Basketball is difficult to play on hills. The nature of the subsurface also plays a major role. Just like ash, lawn is poorly suited for a sensible game of basketball. Of course, a floor such as that used for athletics stadiums would be ideal. But normal asphalt or composite stones are also sufficient. But then you should fall down as rarely as possible if you don't want to cause unpleasant wounds.