Who will the packers play next

Before the last day of the regular season in the NFL, some decisions have already been made. (NFL, the tables)

But what the playoffs will look like from next weekend is not yet certain. Only after the duels of the 17th week is it clear which teams will have reached the postseason and who is playing against whom. (NFL, Week 17: All games at 7 p.m. in LIVESCORES)

The following teams are already qualified:


Kansas City Chiefs (14-1, already qualified for the Divisional Round as AFC West winner with the AFC's best record)
Buffalo Bills (12-3, Winner AFC East)
Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3, Winner AFC North)


Green Bay Packers (12-3, winner NFC North)
New Orleans Saints (11-4, Winner NFC South)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-5, Winner NFC South)
Seattle Seahawks (11-4, Winner NFC West)

These teams are still in the running for the other places:

AFC - four tickets still available

Miami Dolphins (10-5)
Baltimore Ravens (10-5)
Cleveland Browns (10-5)
Tennessee Titans (10-5)
Indianapolis Colts (10-5)

NFC - three tickets still available

Los Angeles Rams (9-6)
Chicago Bears (8-7)
Arizona Cardinals (8-7)
Washington Football Team (6-9)
Dallas Cowboys (6-9)
New York Giants (5-10)

These games determine the last playoff places:


Buffalo Bills - Miami Dolphins
Cincinnati Bengals - Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns - Pittsburgh Steelers
Houston Texans - Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts - Jacksonville Jaguars

The winner of the AFC South will be determined in the last two games mentioned. The Titans A victory over the Texans is enough for that. The Colts must win by yourself and hope the Titans lose.

But even if the Titans lose and the Colts win, the playoffs for the team from Tennessee could still turn out to be something. In addition to the four division winners each, three other teams with the best results from each conference also qualify for the postseason.

For the Titans, this means that they will be in the playoffs even if they lose, if either Baltimore, Indianapolis or Miami lose too.

Both Dolphins the starting position is similar. The Florida team is in the playoffs with a win over the Bills. If they lose, the Dolphins have to hope that either Baltimore, Cleveland or Indianapolis will lose too.

The Ravens are also qualified with a win. If they lose, they have to hope that either Cleveland or Indianapolis will lose too.

Also the Browns would be there in the event of a success in the postseason. If they lose, they have to hope Indianapolis will lose too. If that doesn't happen either, the Browns have only one option: Then Tennessee has to lose and at the same time Baltimore, Indianapolis and Miami win.

The Colts are the only team that even victory couldn't be enough. If they win, they have to hope that either Tennessee, Baltimore, Cleveland or Miami will lose.

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Philadelphia Eagles - Washington Football Team
New York Giants - Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Rams - Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers - Seattle Seahawks
Carolina Panthers - New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears - Green Bay Packers

In the games of the Packers, Saints and Seahawks it's about who has the best record in the NFC and thus - like the chiefs - a bye in the Wild Card Round. For the Packers, a win and in the best case even a defeat are enough, even if Seattle loses. The Saints must win while hoping that Green Bay will lose and Seattle will win. In turn, the Seahawks will only have a first-round bye if they win and lose both Green Bay and New Orleans.

The remaining places in the playoffs are between the Rams, the Bears and the Cardinals. A win would definitely be enough for the Rams. If they lose, hope that the Bears will lose too. The Bears could afford to lose if the Cardinals lose too. The starting position is the least complicated at the Cardinals. You have to win, otherwise you are out.

Make the last place in the NFCWashington, the Giants and the Cowboys one team must win the NFC East. One win is enough for Washington to qualify for the playoffs as winners of NFC East. In the direct duel between the Giants and the Cowboys, the winner is only qualified if Washington loses.

The remaining games:

Detroit Lions - Minnesota Vikings
New York Jets - New England Patriots
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Atlanta Falcons
Denver Broncos - Las Vegas Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs - Los Angeles Chargers

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