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Hair Extension: The Best Hair Extension Methods

Over the years hairdressers and stylists have developed a wide variety of methods that give our hair not only more length, but also volume. We introduce you the most diverse hair extension methods here in more detail.

Weaving method:

The Weaving method is considered to be particularly gentle. Hair extensions are braided into your own hair and stabilized on your own hair with an adhesive. The advantage: Since the extensions are very close to the scalp, the braids are barely visible.

Ultrasound method:

At the Ultrasonic procedure the foreign hair is attached to the own hair with the help of keratin platelets. The individual areas are treated with an ultrasound, which changes the structure of the keratin and allows the extensions to fuse firmly with your hair.

Sandwich method:

The Sandwich method, also known as the Tape method, is characterized by a faster training period and is also the most cost-effective hair extension method. In the method, the foreign hair is glued to strands that are covered with adhesive tape at the roots of your own hair.

Microring method:

Who is for the Microring method decides must plan at least four hours at the hairdresser's, because the process is incredibly time-consuming. However, the microring technique is coming completely without glueHowever, the metal rings that connect the foreign hair to the real hair are wide and so much more noticeable than, for example, bondings.