Are Disney characters real people?

This artist turns Disney characters into real people and we still can't get over it!

Jirla Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen is a 28-year-old Finnish artist who loved Disney films from childhood and whose work is inspired by the characters from the animation studio. Over the past few years, he's been creating images that show what Disney characters would look like as real people.

In his view, all characters in the Disney cosmos have strong personality traits that make it easy for him to bring them to life as real people.

Scroll down and look at some of his most beautiful works - is your favorite character among them? Tell us in the comments, and please share this article.

# 1 Anastasia, daughter of the tsar in "Anastasia"

Red hair becomes dark blonde.

# 2 Dimitri, Anastasia's lifesaver

A little more lascivious with an open shirt.

# 3 Peter Pan, eternally young protagonist from the film of the same name

Even as a real boy, forever ageless.

# 4 Alice, heroine from "Alice in Wonderland"

The "real" Alice still has a real amazement in her eyes.

# 5 Ariel, the little mermaid

This longing look at the surface of the sea ...

# 6 Princess Jasmin, heroine in the movie "Aladdin"

A little less bold, but more dignified.

# 7 Maleficient, the dark fairy from "Sleeping Beauty"

Close to Angelina Jolie in the real film of the same name, right?

# 8 Ursula, the evil sea witch from "Arielle, the little mermaid"

The same sly look in the eyes!

# 9 Vanessa - Ursula's alter ego

Don't let the looks fool you ...

# 10 Hercules, protagonist from the film of the same name

More dreamy than the original, right?

# 11 Hades, villain from "Hercules"

Similarities with the Joker from "Batman" are purely coincidental ...

# 12 Belle, the beautiful daughter of the crazy inventor from "Beauty and the Beast"

... lives up to her name even as a real girl.

# 13 Moana, heroine of the movie of the same name

Older and more confident than the animated original.