What are your favorite games for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Games: Our top 5 all-time classics

An Xbox 360 is still at home in many living rooms. But even if you have already decided on a current Xbox One model from Microsoft: The console is largely downward compatible and your favorite games from the past will usually run without any problems on the current consoles Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. We tell you which games belong to the absolute classics.

Microsoft's Xbox console range is best known for action-heavy shooters and realistic racing simulations. But the Microsoft system has also made a name for itself in the field of puzzle games, adventure games and as a competitor to SingStar. We introduce you to the most exciting games of the last few years - as a reminder of times gone by or simply to play again.

1. Great puzzle fun in a futuristic environment: Portal 2

In the game Portal 2, as in the first part, you will find yourself in a futuristic environment as a guinea pig for human intelligence. With your portal cannon you can shoot openings in walls and maneuver yourself out of the individual rooms in a skilful way. Talking self-firing systems and other potentially fatal obstacles make life difficult for you.

Portal 2 gameplay
Video: YouTube / Domtendo

2. Steal cars, survive, and leave the police behind: Grand Theft Auto IV and V

RockStar Games has made a big hit with Grand Theft Auto. The titles in the series were sold a total of 150 million times, which is why the GTA series is one of the most successful computer game series of all time. The principle is always the same: In a fictional American city you fight your way through as a little crook, steal cars, give yourself chases with the police and try to work your way up little by little. The fact that you can move almost completely freely in the 3D environment from the third part on was not a matter of course at the time, but it ensures an incredibly high degree of realism. The fourth and fifth parts give you as a player almost endless possibilities of what you want to do.

3. First person shooter meets RPG: BioShock

BioShock is an EgoShooter with role-playing parts from 2007. After a plane crash you can save yourself in a lighthouse and get to the strange underwater city of Rapture, where strange social experiments are carried out. The fictional Art Deco city is affected by violent clashes between the citizens and is anything but peaceful. In search of an escape route you explore the rubble and have to defend yourself against the apparently confused residents. It quickly becomes clear that a strange substance called ADAM is not only responsible for the confusion, but above all for genetic mutations. But not only the residents, but also the main actor himself is dependent on the gene substance. With their help, you can improve your skills in the course of the game. BioShock scores with a captivating background story as well as great graphics, which atmospherically implement the underwater world.

4. Best Motorsport Simulation: Forza Motorsport 3

The genre of motorsport simulations is as old as the subject of computer games itself. As early as 1976, Atari's first 3D racing simulation “Night Driver” came onto the market. Since then, of course, a lot has happened. Even the representatives of the popular Need for Speed ​​series are really fun on the Xbox 360 and the split screen mode in particular offers a lot of driving fun for two in both Need for Speed ​​and Forza Motorsport. Thanks to the powerful hardware, the simulations come across as realistic and fluid, but that's not the only argument in favor of Forza 3: The size is also a clear reason to buy the third part of the popular series: In the game, you can choose from over 400 modifiable ones Cars with which you fight for victory on 100 routes. The title is topped, at least graphically, only by the excellent graphics in Forza Motorsport 7 - which is only available for the Xbox One.

Forza Motorsport 3
Video: YouTube / crimsonvg

5. Duty calls: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Co.

Call of Duty is a classic first-person shooter series from Activision. Usually you play a soldier who has to make ends meet with comrades or alone. The linear single-player campaigns are loosened up with lush cutscenes, and there are also numerous multiplayer modes. The last part released for the Xbox 360 is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Out of rating: Xbox Lips

Microsoft's attempt to compete with Sony's party hit Sing Star went relatively unnoticed. It's a shame, because the game title has a lot of potential, the five titles that have appeared so far are quite impressive. In addition to the original version of Lips, there are four other parts with the subtitles "Number One Hits", "Deutsche Partyknaller", "Party Classics" and "I love the 80's". Two microphones specially developed for the Xbox 360 are required to play, and until recently you could compete with other players online. Unfortunately, the Xbox Lips servers have since been switched off and the many download songs that were offered at the time are no longer available. Unfortunately, the game series is not compatible with the Xbox One.

Xbox Lips in Hamburg
Video: YouTube / enjoygirlgaming


The Xbox 360 as the successor to the Xbox has further secured and expanded Microsoft's permanent place in the ranks of console providers. There aren't as many exclusive titles here as there are for the other platforms, but the range of games is interesting nonetheless. The vast number of Xbox 360 titles that are still available should benefit from the fact that the Xbox One is largely backwards compatible.

Do you still have an Xbox 360 at home? Which titles did you find most fascinating? We look forward to your comment.

Cover picture: Unsplash / Rohit Choudhari