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6 WooCommerce payment providers: which ones are available and what they are good for

Just set up a shop based on WooCommerce and then establish your own payment method? No chance! Customers are usually creatures of habit and refuse to do things that they don't know or have never used. So if you use PayPal, you almost always need it, and if you normally pull out your Visa, you will want to do so out of habit at every shop on the Internet.

This inevitably leads to the problem that certain payment providers are necessary in e-commerce in order to be successful in the first place. WooCommerce makes it very easy for you there, but here too the question arises as to which is the best and which service is the most convenient for payment processing.

Today I will clarify with you which WooCommerce payment providers are available and which of them I can recommend to you. I will limit myself to the largest and most popular, so I will not go into every small provider. But let's first take a look at what a payment provider has to do.

The top 6 payment providers for WooCommerce

WooCommerce delivers all standard payment methods out of the box. So bank transfer, cash on delivery and PayPal. What is still missing are payment methods such as purchase on account or payment by credit card. Some countries also have certain favorites when it comes to payment methods, so it is important to integrate these into your own WooCommerce shop as well.

In order to accept payment methods, complicated steps are sometimes necessary. Acceptance contracts and contracts with payment service providers have to be concluded. Payment providers can make this easy, but they also charge fees to manage all of these things. The processing for the shop operator is correspondingly simple and he does not have to take care of everything himself.

With WooCommerce, a payment provider can be integrated with the help of a plugin. It's very easy and very powerful. The following recommended payment providers are available for WooCommerce.

Mollie (my recommendation)

Mollie is a very powerful WooCommerce plugin that provides all important and popular payment options. The extension guarantees payment in the corresponding currency, so that international sales can also take place without any problems. Mollie supports Klarna, PayPal, credit card payments, the SEPA direct debit, EPS (for Austria) and many other payment methods. Mollie takes care of online payments and makes it easy for customers. Mollie is particularly ingenious because the fees are not calculated as a flat rate, but based on the payment method. In addition, there are no minimum costs, no long-term obligations and also no hidden fees that are charged additionally. That's extremely fair and that's why Mollie is my first choice when it comes to WooCommerce payment providers. My clear recommendation.


Similar to Mollie, only a little more limited, Stripe offers the option of equipping the WooCommerce shop with additional payment methods. Stripe allows payments by credit card and also integrates Google Pay and Apple Pay into the shop. The fees for Stripe are 1.4 percent plus a flat rate of 0.25 euros for European cards and 2.9 percent plus a flat rate of 0.25 euros for non-European cards. Stripe is quite widespread in America, but only a marginal phenomenon in this country.

PayPal Plus

Similar to Amazon, PayPal takes 1.49 to 2.49 percent and then adds another 35 cents fee. With PayPal Plus, however, a lot is possible and almost any payment method can be used. Whether direct debit, credit card, purchase on account or PayPal credit. PayPal Plus is worthwhile because PayPal is extremely widespread in Germany and is practically the standard. Those who only rely on PayPal pay high fees, but then don't have to worry about anything else.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a rarely seen payment option, but it can work well within WooCommerce. Since Amazon already knows the account details of all its customers, payments can be made via Amazon Pay with a simple click without the customers having to re-enter all of their data. This works in a similar way to the PayPal Express button. For this, Amazon then takes a 1.2 to 1.9 percent processing fee and deducts another EUR 0.35 authorization fee. The button is not widespread, but direct payment can potentially increase the conversion rate.


At 2.9 percent plus a 30 cents fee, Braintree is not necessarily particularly cheap, but it could still be worthwhile. Partly because it supports subscriptions and provides many payment methods at once. No matter whether PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay or local payment methods such as EPS for Austria, GiroPay for bank transfer or iDEAL for the Netherlands - everything is really included. But that also costs the corresponding fees.


Heidelpay only became Unzer at the end of 2020. The company offers payment processing as well as risk and accounts receivable management. Above all, Unzer prides itself on offering 200 payment methods for 160 countries in all currencies. From credit cards to hire purchase or an order on account, pretty much anything is conceivable with Unzer. This can upgrade your own WooCommerce shop and provide additional payment methods that certain customer groups prefer. The fees in Austria are slightly lower than in Germany, but a monthly service fee is still due, which is not the case with providers like Mollie. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether Unzer is an option.

WooCommerce payment provider: the best solution for your shop

So what is it, the best solution for online payments? If I have my way, I would recommend Mollie to everyone, especially when it comes to integrating with WooCommerce. The provider is fair, has a simple structure and allows payment with almost any payment method. It couldn't be more practical in WooCommerce.

Sometimes providers also charge quite high fees, which can have unpleasant consequences, especially if the prices have already been calculated tightly. Fixed contracts should also be avoided, as well as a service or setup fee, because this no longer seems up-to-date and there are enough payment providers who do without them completely.

Personally, I recommend Mollie as a WooCommerce payment provider for your shop. Mollie has proven to be pleasantly reliable, very high-performance and easy to integrate. Since all payment options are also available, it is a wonderful all-in-one solution that makes selling much more pleasant and, above all, easier. At least when it comes to managing the payment methods. The customers will thank you, I'm sure of that.

Please tell me your favorites in the comments and let's chat a little about the advantages and disadvantages of the individual WooCommerce solutions. If you need help with the integration, you can also contact me.

This is written by Mario Röder, founder and owner of I help companies and online shop operators to optimize and maintain their website. This gives you more time for your company and more success.
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