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Google AdSense revenue from a new website

Readers keep asking me how much they can earn with Google AdSense on a certain topic / keyword. First of all, I tell them that this can only be roughly estimated in advance. Reliable predictions are impossible because every website is different and many different factors can affect AdSense earnings.

Nevertheless, I created an online calculator that can be used to estimate your future AdSense earnings per month. You can find it below.

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Google AdSense estimate the revenue of a new website


Before you use the online calculator, you should have chosen a topic / keyword that you want to check.

In addition, it is necessary to enter some data from external tools in the form. This is explained and the tools are linked at the appropriate places in the form.

Have fun estimating Google AdSense earnings and please don't take it too seriously. Only then does reality show what is really possible. More on this in the notes below.

(The calculator is temporarily unavailable.)

Explanations of the online calculator

The online calculator is also based on my know-how and my experience. These include, for example, click rates in Google, the effects of the competition from certain website types in the Google Top 10 and also the click rates on AdSense ads in different website types.

In addition, I tried at least partially to include a certain long tail. The traffic to the main keyword of a website is of course not the only traffic that you get later. It also gets a lot of visitors from related longtail keywords.

These are all average values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are only based on my experience. Of course, there are always outliers, up or down, so the revenue estimates are just meant to give a sense of what is roughly possible.

If you really get involved and optimize your website, search engine optimization and AdSense ads, you can certainly get more out of it. If, on the other hand, you just quickly install an AdSense banner in your website and otherwise do not make any optimization, you may not even reach the pessimistic estimate.