Is the Homeland show still on TV

Why you have to see the last season of «Homeland»

The big hype about "Homeland" is over. But the series has developed frighteningly well up to the current - and final - season.

No, the big stories no longer appear when a new season of "Homeland" starts. Gone are the days when Carrie Mathison and her crying spells were the subject of comedy shows and society rubrics. Swiss television has long since withdrawn the series, and ratings for viewer numbers are tending to decline.

However, you are not allowed to copy the show. On the contrary: «Homeland» should not only be given another chance since the eighth season that has just started. And not just because it will be the last season of the agent series. Because the HBO show has gone through an amazing development since the great hype at the beginning, in which it cleverly incorporated current global political and security issues into the plot. Which also applies to the new season.

Promising start

This time the scene of action goes back to the simmering hotspot of Afghanistan. The torn country was already the focus of season four. US security advisor Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) wants to use the expertise of Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) in negotiations with the Taliban and accelerate the end of the war that has been going on there for almost 20 years.

But the situation is muddled: in the midst of militant factions, ruthless warmongers and political intrigue, Carrie has to find out on her own what is truth and what is deception. In doing so, she is repeatedly confronted with herself. Because the experiences in the Russian gulag left her mentally strong and she doubts her memories. In addition, with Taliban leader Haissam Haqqani (Numan Acar), the central figure from season four returns to the spotlight. Convincing him of the peaceful path is the central theme in season eight. It should also set the tone for the grand finale on March 26th.

In fact, at the end of the day, “Homeland” thinks back to its strengths. That means: The show offers gripping TV entertainment somewhere between blockbuster cinema, political thriller and secret service docs, with great actors, real settings, intelligent twists and turns and of course the ongoing theme of the series: Does Carrie really see terrorist dangers earlier than others - or is she a victim of paranoia as a result of her manic-depressive disorder? Especially since her illness has always been a superpower and a shortcoming for her in the past few seasons.

Terrorist attacks predicted

The mixing of fantasy and reality in "Homeland" goes far beyond Carrie's self-doubt. Because after the series initially built on the relationship between CIA agent Mathison and Brody (Damian Lewis), who had returned from hostage, it developed more and more into a political thriller after the soldier's violent serial death in the season three finale not only covering current events - but even predicting them in individual cases.

For example, “Homeland” addressed political developments such as the instrumentalization of social media and fake news for the election campaign in the United States or had a woman move into the White House. However, this decision was wrong - just when the new president took office; like most, the showrunners had bet Hillary Clinton to prevail over Donald Trump. The reality, however, corresponded to the quarrel between Potus and his own security service; almost at the same time as Trump messed with National Security.

The prognoses for Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe also turned out to be dramatically correct. In 2015, season five, Carrie and Saul hunted down an IS cell in Berlin that was planning attacks in a European capital. The parallels to the attacks in Paris (and later actually Berlin) were as striking as they were frightening - but no coincidence.

Because for the plot, producers, stars, secret services and US security officials sit down at a table every year at a conference called “Spy Camp”. There they design “a whole load of scenarios that will or could happen”, as Claire Danes describes it in an interview on the new season of “Homeland”.

The right moment

As well as «Homeland» has developed since the end of the Brody saga, one thing is certain: the end comes at the right time. Because - as the first episodes of season eight showed - even if the series still offers the best entertainment, certain scenarios are beginning to repeat themselves.

There are enough examples in which (agent) series fail to break up (yes, we mean you, «24»). “Homeland”, on the other hand, has a good chance of resigning at its peak - and nothing else has earned one of the best TV series in recent years.

"Homeland" is available on Teleclub on Demand.

These are the series highlights in March

These are the series hits in March

Four months after the US launch, Swiss streaming fans can now also enjoy Disney + and its prestige project “The Mandolorian”. Which series replenishment does March have in store besides the series from the “Star Wars” cosmos? The gallery provides information about the best of Netflix, Sky and Co.

Image: Disney

After consuming the party drug "Blis", Nora's (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers) life has been erased from her memory. With the help of two police officers, she uncovered a gigantic conspiracy - and an impending alien invasion. The dark science fiction series “Spides” starts on March 5th on SYFY (can be received via Teleclub).

Image: SYFY

Just released from prison, ex-policeman Spenser (Mark Wahlberg, right) actually wants to leave Boston. But when two former colleagues are found dead in the action comedy "Spenser Confidential", he is supposed to solve the crime with his chaotic roommate Hawk (Winston Duke). The Netflix movie can be seen from March 6th.

Image: Netflix / Daniel McFadden

As early as the mid-1980s, Steven Spielberg wrote "Amazing Stories", devoting himself to supernatural stories about ghosts and aliens. He was also involved as a producer on the Apple TV + anthology series of the same name (from March 6). Spielberg's call was followed by a number of well-known series actors such as Dylan O'Brien (“Teen Wolf”) and Victoria Pedretti (“You”, picture).

Image: Apple

What is important in life? What is the meaning of friendship? And how do you deal with trauma? When someone commits their suicide, a group of friends begins to question their life choices and relationships with one another. How painful and touching this can be will be demonstrated on March 10th by “A Million Little Things” on FOX (available via Teleclub).

Image: FOX

The supposedly ideal world of modern helicopter parents is put to the test again in the ingenious mockumentary “Other Parents” (from March 19, TNT Comedy, available via Teleclub). In the second season, Nina (Lavinia Wilson) and the other overprotective mothers and fathers are confronted, among other things, with the pitfalls that Carnival and New Year's Eve hold in store.

Image: Frank Dicks / eitelsonnenschein GmbH / Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited - a WarnerMedia Company

In the second season of the hospital series "Code Black", the army doctor Dr. Ethan Willis (Rob Lowe) in a shark attack on Malibu Beach. He should actually be in the completely overburdened hospital: There new assistant doctors are waiting for their admission. SRF Zwei will show the drama series in double episodes every week from March 13th.

Image: SRF / 2016 ABC Studios

In the British crime series “The Bay” (from March 13, ZDFneo), Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) is entrusted with a missing person case. The more she dedicates herself to the search for two missing teenagers, the clearer the investigator's personal connection becomes apparent. What do Armstrong's own children have to do with the case?

Image: ZDF / Ben Blackall

In 2019, “Élite” was placed in the top ten most successful Netflix series. From March 13th, new episodes of the Spanish production will continue. Particularly exciting: How does Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau, left) react to the fact that Polo (Álvaro Rico), the alleged murderer of his sister, is again at large? Netflix has not yet revealed details of the plot.

Image: Netflix / Manuel Fernandez-Valdes

In the middle of the nerve-wracking war between three kingdoms, the squire Tiuri (Amir Wilson, picture) has an important task: He has to convey a message to a king. But the evil Prince Viridian (Gijs Blom) has something against it. Whether Tiuri's mission will be successful will be shown from March 20 in the Netflix series “The Letter for the King”.

Image: Netflix / Nicola Dove

Actually, the first original Apple film “The Banker” was supposed to open in November. With a little delay, the drama premieres on March 20th. It goes on the real story of Joe Morris (Samuel L. Jackson, left) and Bernard Garrett Sr. (Anthony Mackie) back - two African American entrepreneurs fighting against racism in the 1950s.

Image: Apple

At the turn of the century, Madam C.J. Walker (Octavia Spencer) entered the business world and became America's first African-American self-made millionaire. Despite the success story, Walker falls victim to discrimination and racism. The Netflix miniseries "Self Made: The Life of Madam C.J. Walker »(from March 20) is based on the true story of Walker.

Image: Netflix / Amanda Matlovich

With the arrest of Terry Maitland (Jason Bateman), Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn, picture) seemed to have solved the murder of an eleven-year-old. But as it turns out, Maitland has an alibi. Instead, in the adaptation of the Stephen King bestseller "The Outsider" (from March 20, Sky, available via Teleclub), a supernatural force is up to mischief.

Image: Home Box Office

Mary Beth (Morgan Saylor, left) and Priscilla (Sophie Lowe) actually want to leave the fishing village of Easter Cove after their mother's funeral. First of all, the sisters in the original Amazon film “Blow The Man Down” (from March 20) still have to pay the dead people's debts - which doesn't get any easier after Mary Beth kills a man in self-defense.

Image: 2019 Inc., or its affiliates

With “The Mandalorian” the first real film series from the “Star Wars” universe starts on March 24th at Disney +. She tells of a "lonely gunslinger" (Pedro Pascal) who has to fulfill an important task - namely to kidnap "Baby-Yoda". But then the Mandalorian loses his heart to the cute creature and decides to protect it.

Image: Disney