Why is target marketing so important

Why it is so important to define a target audience (and how you go about it)


The target group is the linchpin of everyone Marketing strategy. Without an exact picture of your desired customers, you are just poking around in the dark and wasting your time. You can neither do target group-oriented marketing, the right one Products and Services create one more Content Marketing Strategy to line up.

So that this doesn't happen to you, in this article I will show you strategies and ways how you can precisely define your target group and get to know them better. In the further course of this article we will also talk about why the target group definition for your Content marketing is indispensable.

Let's start with “zero” and dedicate ourselves to the concept of the target group.


What is that actually, a target group?

According to the Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon, a target group is:

The entirety of all effective or potential people who are to be addressed with a specific marketing activity.

So you see, a target group does not result from a vacuum. Behind this there is always the desire to address people with your offers and services, to induce them to make a purchase or a booking.

The marketing aspect always plays a major role and should not be lost sight of. After all, you want to work profitably and be able to help your desired customers, which is also how you can name a target group.

But why is the topic of target group so important, you might ask yourself. Why should I focus on a specific group of people - why can't I just address everyone?

Good point!

Let me briefly show you why this is not such a good idea.


Why it is so important to define a target group

I'm sure you know these stores that have everything. The plaster cleaner is right next to the remedy for migraines. Everything is criss-cross and apparently without any order. A loveless mess.

Would you shop with a clear conscience in a shop like this that has everything, for example if you needed something for your cold? Or would you prefer to go to a pharmacy or a well-stocked drugstore, where, in the best case, you will also be given competent advice?

Exactly, in a case like this you need one Specialists.

And here is the crux of the matter. If you sell all sorts of things, you will quickly appear like a general store. One will hardly believe that you are for a special problem have the solution. And by one, I don't mean just anyone, but precisely the customers you want to address. The people whose problems you should be aware of and whose language you speak. Your desired customers.

But you can only do all of this if you have a clear idea of ​​which people you want to address. Only then can you come up with a suitable approach and put together tailor-made packages or services that are precisely tailored to your target group. Then marketing is fun and effective.

In this article, I'll show you how to derive such a clearly defined target group. And how do you with the right one Content marketing align your content with it.

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Does that sound good?

Then let's get started!

Let's start with the specific characteristicsthat distinguishes your target group.


The characteristics of your target audience

In order to understand exactly what makes your target group tick, you have to put yourself in their shoes. To do this, you can first identify the most important features. Classic criteria include demographic and socio-economic aspects how:

  • the gender
  • age
  • the place of residence
  • marital status
  • Education and profession
  • the status and position (are you dealing with academics or untrained people?)
  • income

Do you move more in the B2B area, then other factors such as legal form, industry, liquidity and company size also play an important role.

As soon as you have clarified these points for yourself, then you are already a big step further!

Now it's time to get even closer to your dream customers. You can do this by using the psychographic characteristics dedicate. This includes:

  • Interests
  • Attitudes and opinions
  • preferences
  • Challenges and problems
  • wishes and needs
  • Buying behavior
  • Price orientation and willingness to pay

To track down these characteristics of your target group, simply ask yourself the following questions and answer them as best you can. It's best to write them down and write your answers right below. Then you have everything in black and white and can quickly access it or make changes if necessary.


"What are the interests of my target group?"

"What do you need most urgently?"

"Where are you wrong?"

"What motivates you?"

"What language do you speak, what expressions and terms do you use?"

"How much money are my dream customers willing to spend?"


Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer so that you understand him / her as well as possible. Try to empathize with his / her emotional worlds and sensitivities:

"What does your ideal customer feel and think when he buys your product, your offer?"

"What are the strongest emotions?"

"What are you making possible for your clients with your offer?"


Have you gone through and answered all questions?

Or are you still missing information about your target group?

If that's the case and you're wondering where to get all of this information about your target audience, let me show you a few simple strategies:


This is how you get to know your target group better

A simple way to get to know your target audience better is to get to know them on different Social media channels or blogs "To spy on". At Twitter can you e.g. Hashtags that fit your business and take a closer look at the relevant posts.

What do people write about the hashtag, what language do they use, what are their problems? You can pursue these questions and align your content accordingly.


Get social!

Joins Facebook relevant groups who deal with your topic. To find them, you can easily use the Facebook search function to use.



From time to time you can get up close and personal here and, for example, answer open questions and enrich them with your expertise and perspective. This not only allows new contacts to be made, but also orders to jump out. So it's worth it!


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Start polls

Surveys are another great way to get to know your target audience better. With tools like Survey Monkey you can create nice-looking surveys relatively easily and ask your target group on a wide variety of topics.

You can, for example, include this survey in your newsletter or post it on your social media channels.



If you really want to dive deep into the world of your target audience, market and social research firms are a good place to start. Sine with his Sinus milieus is probably the best known. With these target group typologies, you get an even deeper insight into the realities of your target group.

Features and abstract information about your target audience aren't everything, of course. In order to feel really close to your target customer, you can take it a step further and give him / her a face.


Give your dream customer a face

Imagine what your desired customer could look like. You have already tickled out some of his / her characteristics in the course of this article. Now take all your knowledge about this person again and create a picture of your dream customer.

Maybe you're a business coach and your dream customer is generally very ambitious and already has a position in middle management. What could he look like? Maybe he's wearing a suit, a good shirt or even a tie?

Or you work as a coach in the spiritual field and your desired customer is very close to nature. Maybe she's wearing a silk scarf and long natural hair. Building on your findings from the first part of this article, you can now get a more detailed one visual image of your desired customers create.

If you're lacking inspiration, just enter your most important keywords on Google and activate the image search. Now choose one of the displayed biders and you've got yours Customer avatar (one also says "persona) a face.

Stick this photo on a piece of paper or virtually embed it in a Word document and write the name underneath (yes, it helps if you give your desired customer a name). Now list below all the information that you have collected at the beginning.

And if you should still have difficulties visualizing your customer avatar, then maybe you can help this app.



High five!

Now you have your target group right on the screen. You know their wishes, their characteristics, their problems and much more. This enables you to tailor your products and services based on this. Because you now know much more precisely which problems plague your target group and can provide targeted help.

You also now know how to best address your target audience. Which brings us to another important topic, namely that Content marketing.


Effective content marketing starts with the target audience

To be really effective content marketing, it is extremely important that you know your target audience and their problems well. Because you have to solve these with your content!

Yours Content Marketing Strategy So should always be based on your target group. With the ways presented above, you now know some ways to see your dream customers exactly in front of you.

You have thus laid the foundation for addressing not only your target group with relevant content, but yours as well Business goals faster and more targeted.

Speaking of achieving goals with content marketing, let me tell you briefly free content marketing checklist to introduce? Just click on the picture and get started with successful content marketing!


I wish you maximum success in defining your target group and of course in creating your products and your content marketing strategy!

Rock on






Hi! I'm glad you're here! I bring clarity to your content marketing strategy and help you to achieve your business goals faster with the right content. You will see that this is absolutely no rocket science and can be really fun. Let's rock!

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