What's so special about Yelagiri Hills

Swamimalai Hills, Yelagiri

Visitor information

  • Famous for: Tourism, adventure seekers, adventure lovers and photography.
  • Entrance fee: Entry to this hill is free.
  • Visiting time: There are no special times for these hills, but most of the visitors prefer to come here in the morning.
  • Visit duration: People usually spend 3 to 5 hours here.

Do you remember the stories of famous sages and saints who have come a long and difficult path to a mountain top where they are finally looking for what they are looking for in the footsteps of a temple? Well the journey you take to reach the top of these hills is pretty similar. There are many reasons that motivate a traveler to climb the mountain Swamimalai Hills in Yelagiri. Breathtaking views, misty clouds, chirping of birds, trekking and the list goes on.

Travel tips

  • Driving up this hill is not an easy task for a traveler, and it is advisable to bring a good supply of water and other supplies with you on your trip.
  • It is also advisable to Track the environmental conditions here before visiting to make sure your travel is comfortable and easier.

Things to do

  • The very first milestone on your journey here is climbing these hills, which often takes more than an hour.
  • When you get to the top of the hills, the first thing you'll see is a well-kept one Shiva temple This marks the beginning of your adventurous journey around this hill.
  • The fog and mist around this mountain, the flora and fauna make these hills a popular place for too photography and create memories with your family and friends.
  • These hills are also an important part of Adventure travel as it offers a very good location for Trekking, hiking and much more.
  • The spiritual factor associated with this hill and the tranquility of this place provide a very good environment for meditation and spend a peaceful weekend.

Availability of guides

Local residents and visitors can assist you in your visit to these hills. Several travel agencies in the city have the option to hire tour guides and translators.

Best travel time

There are different times of the year to visit thislocation which suits the needs of different types of travelers. If you want a sunny and clear climate to better explore the surroundings of this wildlife, a visit to this hill in the months of May to July is your best bet.

However, if you are more focused on the adventure side and beautiful scenery of this place, the months of September to March are your best bet.

Early morning is also the best time of the day to visit these hills and better interact with the surrounding nature and wildlife.

How to achieve

Yelagiri is well connected to other parts of this state by various highways and direct roads.

The Yelagiri Hills are located 4.6 km from Nilavoor Bus Station, 21.8 km from Jolarpettai Railway Station and 194 km from Bangalore International Airport.

Interesting facts and trivia about Swamimalai Hills

  • The path to these hills is diversefrom flora and fauna including eucalyptus trees, and there are also a number of curves along the way. A special aspect related to these bends is that each of these bends is referred to as a Bharathiar and Thiruvalluvar who are famous poets from Tamil literature.
  • Another specialty here is that Telescope house in the 13th curve, which offers a very good view of the surroundings.
  • The Yelagiri Hills have not achieved the popularity like other mountain ranges like Ooty and Coonoor. These hills are in great demand for a peaceful weekend and not for sightseeing.
  • The proximity of these hills to well-populated cities like Bangalore makes this place a much better place for adventurous excursions and an escape from hectic lifestyles.
  • Another reason for a good number of travelers who visit this place each year is the number of bodies of water these hills like that Jalagambarai Falls, Punganoor Lake, etc.

Nearby attractions

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Restaurants nearby

  • Ajay Aadhavan restaurant
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  • Roopa Mess
  • 3 star Biriyani Hotel
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The city of Yelagiri in Tamil Nadu has a wide variety of flora and fauna and is inhabited by several tribal communities whose daily livelihood and occupation depend on agriculture and the surrounding nature. The Swamimalai hill in Yelagiri is one such destination that isgaining popularity because of its spiritual aura and hiking experience. Walking up and down this hill is a real challenge for any traveler around the world, but the entire experience you get of yours The trip here is also unforgettable.