What is word processing

Word processing

is the saving and changing of texts for frequently used wording of business letters, invoices, offers, reminders, etc. This requires a typewriter with a storage facility. Word processing ranges from simpler functions such as immediate corrections, saving salutations, addresses, etc. to the composition of texts from preprogrammed text modules. Word processing is also possible using EDP, as the existing data display terminals and printers can also be used with the appropriate software. In this case one speaks of »electronic mail«.

Word processing is understood to mean the "activity that includes the conception, formulation, dictation, writing, reproduction, transport and archiving of texts including the corresponding form design and the organization of these tasks" (Association for Word Processing in the AWV). Technical aids are stand-alone word processing systems that include hardware and software, or text editors that are implemented on commercial IT systems. Stand-alone word processing systems often offer greater ease of use and more extensive editing functions. The hardware consists of a full-page or half-page screen, a typewriter keyboard with special function keys for pagination, formatting, text editing, saving texts, etc., a floppy disk station and a type wheel printer. The software includes e.g. text input and correction, print preparation, processing of text modules, preparation of letters, sorting and inserting addresses, basic calculation types. An essential requirement of a word processing system is the ability to integrate with the central EDP in order to be able to automatically process further data that arise in the company or are generated by planning and accounting runs with the help of word processing. The development of word processing systems ushered in a new era of rationalization in the office and administration area. Due to the automation of routine work, the field of activity is increasingly changing into information and communication tasks (office communication).

includes the activities of creating, storing, editing and reproducing. Texts including the associated organizational framework. Starting with office machines, stand-alone word processing systems comprising hardware and software were developed. On the other hand, appropriate software products have also been created for IT systems. Although these do not achieve the convenience of special word processing systems, they enjoy the advantage of the ability to integrate data and texts. The functions of word processing systems are: entering and correcting texts, automatic margin adjustment, formatting, searching for texts and content, saving texts and mixing addresses with texts (e.g. form letters).

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