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Are you still looking for an apprenticeship position for 2020 and have always wanted to work in IT, but somehow you don't even know what to expect? Our trainee in the field of IT system integration, Jens Leweke, took the time to answer a few questions about training at TEC-SAS.

What was your intention to apply as a trainee in the IT industry?

Jens: That has been my goal for a long time. Even in secondary school, I knew where I wanted to go.

What was it that particularly attracted you to start your apprenticeship at TEC-SAS?
How did you find out about TEC-SAS?

Jens: I found out about TEC-SAS through a job advertisement on the internet. I was particularly interested in the service area. I've always enjoyed helping others with problems or questions about their computers.

Tell us something about the application process. How did you experience it

Jens: The process is very simple. You apply online on the company's homepage with an application form where you can upload your documents. If this application is well received, you will be invited to an interview to get to know each other. If the interpersonal relationships are right, you will receive an invitation to test work. Then a decision is made.

When you think of TEC-SAS, the team and the atmosphere, what are the first things that come to mind?

Jens: TEC-SAS is a big family that tackles problems together. I quickly grew fond of the employees. Everyone helps everyone as much as they can. You can also have good jokes together.

How does the training work in detail and what are your tasks at TEC-SAS?

Jens: The apprenticeship looks like I will be employed as a technician. That means, together with my colleagues, I make sure that everything works as it should for our customers and that new systems can be introduced if required. Most of this happens via remote maintenance on the customer's systems or directly at the customer's site, e.g. when new devices are installed.

What do you expect from your apprenticeship? Have your wishes and expectations been fulfilled so far?

Jens: I wanted a pleasant working atmosphere, challenging work and nice colleagues. I particularly wanted to expand my knowledge in the area of ​​network technology. Immediately at the beginning of my training, I noticed that you can learn as much as you want. The colleagues are very helpful and at the beginning I even had to be careful that I kept all the input. In general I can say I am extremely satisfied.
Are you the only trainee in your department? If not, how do you experience the togetherness of the apprentices and the TEC-SAS team?
I'm not the only one. Three other trainees also started with me. So there were four of us. The solidarity between the trainees and the other employees is really good. We were quickly accepted into the team and integrated into the company.

Which vocational school do you attend and which subjects do you have there?

Jens: I attend the vocational college for technology in Moers (BKTM) and the Mercator vocational college in Moers. One of my subjects is information and telecommunications technology. This then includes things like network technology, a bit of electrical engineering, hardware components in the computer, operating systems and much more. Then there is the application development subject where knowledge of databases and programming is taught. Sport and religion are also a little change for head and body. At the Mercator vocational college, the economic part is taught as well as German, English and politics.

What do you particularly enjoy so far and what has been your biggest professional challenge so far?

Jens: I really enjoy working with customers. It feels good to know that I'm making a difference. I was supposed to be migrating a server from a customer from an old operating system to a new system. The big challenge here was an accounting software that the customer uses for every money movement in his company. If something no longer works, the customer can no longer buy anything or pay his employees' salaries. You realize how much responsibility lies with you.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Jens: After my training, I want to remain part of the TEC-SAS team and look after my own customers and broaden my horizons in many ways. Continuous training is very important in the industry.

The new application process for the start of training in 2020 is running, do you have any tips for applicants?

Jens: If you want to come to us, just be yourself. You should be interested and enjoy working with computers and people. You don't have to be able to do everything already, the will to learn and to get stuck behind problems is in the foreground here.

Many thanks Jens for your time to give us a very personal impression of your previous training with us.


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