When will the Americans finally learn French?

Top 10 Netflix series for learning French

Anyone learning a foreign language knows that there are other ways to learn or improve a language than traditional books. These include, among other thingsSongs (like typical French chansons), comic strips or even films. The good news with this is that these tools to learn the Molières language are particularly recommended. Because streaming is booming, and modern platforms offer series that meet these needs.

The advantage of a series is that it consists of shorter episodes than a movie. This makes them easier to understand and makes the viewer want to see the next episode. But beware of those who want to tell you the end or reveal important information! Those who dare to "spoil" history can attract the wrath of TV fans! In addition, a series can be seen on Netflix in many countries. Its many twists and turns help to maintain attention and prevent the viewer from "getting out" after a while. In addition, the offer is wide and can satisfy all types of viewers. There are series for crime fans as well as for those who swear by slapstick and comedy. Finally, there is also the practical setting of the subtitles on this platform. This is how Spain offers us La Casa de Papel, Great Britain surprised us with Black Mirror and Germany also shines Dark, but they are French series At the height of the time? Here are our top 10:

10 pour cents

is a dramatic comedy that introduces us to the little-known world of art agents, the people who advise musicians and actors or negotiate contracts for them. she shows famous French actorswho play their own roles, all with a certain self-irony. Not to be missed!

Plan coeur

is a romantic, fast-paced comedy set in Paris and consisting of eight 25-minute episodes. We can appreciate the art of Zita Hanrot, the César Prize winner for the best newcomer in 2016, who slips into the role of Elsa here. Two young women decide to hire an "escort boy" so that their friend can finally forget her ex. Both fun and touching, realistic series immerses us in the daily life of young adults. One episode is even dedicated to the lockdown to anchor the series more firmly in reality.

La revolution

For history buffs a new series has just been released: La Révolution, which takes us to the Paris of the late 18th century and started on October 16, 2020. The main character is none other than the inventor of the infamous guillotine, Joseph Guillotin (played by Amir El Kacem). He discovers a mysterious disease, the "blue blood virus" that causes aristocrats to kill ordinary people ... A scenario that is not lacking in creativity!

Le Bazar de la Charité

Among the historical series also takes Le Bazar de la Charité a prominent place. The script is based on a gigantic fire that broke out in Paris in 1897 during a charity event. This drama, which cost the lives of almost 120 aristocratic women, is the occasion for the authors of the series to show us the situation of women at the time using the example of the three heroines whose lives are turned upside down by fire.

Emily in Paris

is a Darren Star series about a young American marketing executive who arrives in Paris without speaking a word of French. Even if there are numerous stereotypes about the Capital of Francethere, we quickly fall into the charm of openness and spontaneity of the leading actress played by Lily Collins.


Elvira, portrayed by Marina Hands, is a mother who takes care of her three children. However, her husband is cheating on her and is no longer really interested in her. In order to draw attention to herself and finally to be heard, she uses a gigantic lie by simulating a cancerous tumor. This is the starting point of Myth, a series written by Anne Berest. With its talented actors, the series also revolves around the question of how far you can lie in order to be loved. We immerse ourselves in a world where black humor reigns.

Family business

was published in 2019 and tells the humorous story of the Hazan family, who want to convert their kosher butcher's shop into a coffee shop after the legalization of cannabis. Jonathan Cohen and Gérard Darmon are part of the cast of this completely out of place french comedy!

La Mante,

a production starring Carole Bouquet, is characterized by a dark and oppressive universe. The former hit man, Jeanne Deber, is contacted by the police to help arrest a criminal. In fact, this killer uses the same modus operandi that the killer used in the past.