Why is Golf Fitness Necessary

Golf Fitness - 9 Exercises & Instructions to Use at Home

Golf training not only includes honing the right technique on the driving range. A body that is specially trained for strength and flexibility can withstand greater loads and thus perform better. Golf fitness therefore plays a non-negligible role in the professional sector and amateurs are also increasingly seeing the importance of fitness exercises.

To improve your golf game, we have put together 9 golf fitness exercises for upper body and core training in cooperation with the St. Leon-Rot golf school, which you can carry out at home for sustainable training. You only need a limited amount of additional equipment for golf fitness training.

These online courses will definitely help you to get fitter and more practiced on the next round. Now to the topic overview of the Golf Academy.

Stabilize your upper body

The upper body takes on the most important tasks in golf. In addition to rotation, body tension is a decisive factor for a large swing radius and thus more distance in the golf swing.

Exercise 1 - one-armed windmills

Exercise 1 is called the one-armed windmill and is done while sitting. Christian Marysko explains how it works.

Exercise 2 - T’s

Exercise 2 - T’s should be performed to achieve more stability in the upper back and shoulder area. Trained shoulder muscles have a particular effect on rotation and impact. An exercise ball is required as an aid.

Mobility of the trunk muscles

With the correct torso rotation, a lot of power can still be extracted in the golf swing. For this reason, this area of ​​the body should be specially trained. The following exercises can be performed for this.

Exercise 3 - Hip Shift & Rotation

The normal golf swing address position is assumed for this exercise. Christian Marysko explains how you can then train your hip area for more power.

Exercise 4 - forearm support with leg raises

This exercise is to be carried out at different levels of difficulty. The normal forearm support is only held with the basic tension. For the advanced version, the tension is increased by lifting one leg. Marco Bräuninger from GCSLR explains how it works.

Exercise 5 - side support with rotation

This exercise is also an advanced variant. To get started, the basic position can be held initially. This training session improves core and upper body tension.

Exercise 6 - side plank with hip raises

The exercise in the side support can also be performed dynamically with a movement of the hip. To do this, take the basic position and then start lifting and lowering.

Exercise 7 - Bridging

The glutes and back are trained with bridging, also known as the bridge position. Hold the tension for 10 seconds and repeat it several times.

Exercise 8 - bridging with foot tipping

This exercise is another variation of bridging. Take the basic position with your pelvis raised. In order to increase the level of difficulty and to increase the effects of the exercise, the feet are alternately lifted.

Exercise 9 - bridging with leg extensions

The exercise is even more demanding if the legs are alternately extended from the basic position. It is important that the hips do not tilt to the side, but are held stable.

Important information on golf fitness training

  • When exercising, make sure that the exercises are performed cleanly and slowly.
  • Take the time to exercise. After each phase of tension, an appropriate break is part of regeneration.
  • Do the exercises in multiple sets and repetitions.
  • Exercise regularly so that you can feel the success of your golf fitness training on the next round of golf.

More fitness exercises for golfers

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