Anger is our innate form of protection

The big feelings - anger

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Really pissed off, loud and aggressive - this is an idea that many people fear. But constantly repressed anger does not get us any further and inevitably leaves traces in our mental wellbeing.

Anger is the innate feeling that accompanies our willingness to defend our position. It is helpful because it signals to us that something is not going according to our wishes and ideas, because it gives us the necessary power to change something, because it takes us out of ours
Brings out indifference and lethargy because it gives us strength to defend ourselves against attackers and because we can use it to enforce rights and needs that are due to us.

Fear of anger

When we are angry, we are very aroused, our perception is narrowed, our muscles are activated. Some people are inhibited from being aggressive; they find it difficult to even notice their anger. Some notice their anger, but they find it difficult to show their anger because they have a pronounced need for harmony and fear of conflict, argument and loss. Women often suppress their anger because - unlike men - they are still brought up to be adapted to reacting to disapproval with tears at best.

Every culture goes to great lengths to channel anger and aggression into harmless channels, whether through rock concerts or sporting events. So we learn to control our anger. But some people do not succeed. They act out anger violently.
Often anger is also a protection in order not to have to experience despair and pain.

So anger is a double-edged sword

Those who cannot let their displeasure run free lose assertiveness and their self-confidence suffers. On the other hand, the one who keeps exploding just gets angrier - with each fit of anger, he solidifies the angry response in his brain. For a healthy well-being, we need both options: on the one hand, risking an argument, being able to swear unrestrainedly or screaming at a pillow, on the other hand, calm down in good time, organize our thoughts and thus be able to let go of our anger.