North Korea is underestimated

North Korea continues to provoke : Kim: USA shouldn't underestimate our missiles

After a new missile test, North Korea has warned the US about the range of its weapons. The country successfully tested a new long-range medium-range ballistic missile that could carry "large and heavy nuclear warheads" under the guidance of ruler Kim Jong Un, the state media reported on Monday.

Kim, who was satisfied, announced further missile and nuclear tests. The US should not misjudge the reality that its mainland and areas in the Pacific are "within visible range for a military strike".

North Korea's missile test has been condemned abroad as a renewed violation of UN resolutions prohibiting the communist leadership from testing ballistic missile technology. According to reports in the South Korean media, the UN Security Council in New York plans to deal with the test on Tuesday.

North Korea's missile attempt was seen not only as a show of force against the United States, but also as a direct challenge to the new government in South Korea. President Moon Jae In, who took office last Wednesday, had declared that he wanted to approach the internationally isolated leadership in Pyongyang again.

The Hwasong-12 reportedly flew 787 kilometers

With the new Hwasong-12 surface-to-surface missile, North Korea claims that it now has a perfect weapon that meets the "military-strategic and tactical idea" of the ruling Labor Party and the requirements of the present. The country has the means to retaliate. North Korea had made a similar statement after testing a medium-range missile of a different type in February.

The Hwasong-12 reportedly flew 787 kilometers. You have reached an altitude of more than 2100 kilometers. The test was successful. According to Japan, the rocket crashed into the Sea of ​​Japan (Eastern Sea) after a 30-minute flight.

South Korea's Ministry of Defense said a more detailed analysis was needed to confirm North Korea's statements about the technical characteristics of the new missile. The military doubted that the neighboring country had already mastered the technology for the re-entry of a long-range missile into the earth's atmosphere, the national news agency Yonhap reported.

Communist North Korea is an impoverished state

North Korea is driving the development of missiles that not only hit South Korea and Japan, but can also carry a nuclear warhead to the United States. In January, Kim Jong Un said the country was about to test an ICBM.

After two nuclear tests and numerous missile tests by North Korea, the situation in the region has been very tense since last year. US President Trump repeatedly threatened to go it alone in the nuclear dispute with North Korea. Nor did he rule out a military strike. After decades of communist dictatorship, the isolated North Korea is an impoverished state that has even experienced famine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described North Korea's latest missile test as "counterproductive and dangerous", but at the same time called for an end to the "intimidation" of the isolated country. "We categorically reject the expansion of the club of nuclear powers," Putin told journalists in Beijing on Monday. However, he added that "we must stop intimidating North Korea". A "peaceful solution to this problem" must be found. (dpa / AFP)

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