Which engine is best for fuel economy

Fuel-saving cars: a dozen really economical models for everyone

We have already made many picture galleries on the subject of economical cars, but the subject of fuel consumption is an important one, even if fuel prices are currently in the basement. For this gallery we searched for the most economical cars in the most important segments.

The most important vehicle classes are likely to be segments B to E, i.e. small cars (such as the VW Polo), compact cars (such as the VW Golf), mid-range cars (for example Audi A4) and the upper mid-range (for example Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5 Series ). For each segment, we looked for the most economical gasoline engine, the most economical diesel and the most economical hybrid.

The increasing number of cars with mild hybrid systems are included in the corresponding category (e.g. small cars with gasoline engines), but not plug-in hybrids. As a criterion for the economy, we used the consumption according to the currently applicable NEDC standard.

One more remark: During our research we tried hard to find the most economical models. Still, we may have overlooked a few particularly efficient models. In addition, the result is only a snapshot. For example, BMW plans to introduce its mild hybrid system in significantly more cars in the near future; that could bring cars from Munich further forward.

You can use the following list to jump directly to the class that interests you:

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