What is positioning

Positioning in the market - what is it and what does it bring me?

In marketing, positioning refers to the targeted demonstration of the strengths and qualities of a product or service with the aim of being clearly and positively differentiated from other competitors by the target group. It can be both an initial positioning and a repositioning.

In order to achieve this goal, one must work systematically and strategically. The central question is "What is it and what does it bring me?" Put simply, it is about influencing “what” is perceived and “how” - the basis of this way of working is therefore a psychological market model.

Why is that important?

Psychology describes the experience and behavior of people. And that is exactly what we as marketers want to influence: How a brand, a product or a service is experienced and how a potential customer behaves towards it. Ideally, he'll become a customer. And so it pays to delve deeper into the psychological and biological conditions that influence one's experience and behavior.

Put yourself in your customer's shoes.

Before you deal with the presentation of your product or service, you need to get a picture of your potential customers and prospects as precisely as possible. Your existing prospects and customers are usually a good start. At the end of this process there is what we call a buyer persona.

List everything you know about this buyer persona: their preferences, thought templates, opinions, interests, professional and private goals, possible or known memories, typical behavior and daily rhythms. All of these factors influence the conscious and especially the subconscious of your buyer persona.

Most decisions are made by people "gut feeling", i.e. unconsciously. However, the fact that the decision as such is only rationalized in retrospect does not mean that it is no Has basics: it's just flat other. According to Prof. Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer, these basics are above all experiences that lead to presumed knowledge.

Meet expectations

Does a bank employee work better or worse because he is wearing a tie? What does the color of a car say about its value? Answer: No. And nothing. Nevertheless, these stimuli trigger memories and emotions that influence a potential customer. And that is important: he does not have time to read through the résumés of all bank employees and to conduct interviews. He trusts that the bank has already done this, its standards are high and the tie is a symbol of that.

Identify the main reason for buying

In this example, the bank customer's underlying reason to buy is trust. Trust in the security of the bank and trust in the competence of the employees. This is of course different for every product, for every service, but there is always such a reason.

The more precise knowledge and the more targeted approach of this reason and your customer is your decisive competitive advantage. Use all sensible qualitative and quantitative methods of market research to find out. And do this continuously. You can then name your positioning idea in one to five words - if in doubt, your customer will not remember more.

See yourself and your offer from the perspective of your customer:

Which of my problems does this product solve?

Are there any examples of this?

Is the focus on my core interest?

I prefer …. Solutions and this is one of them!

That doesn't just seem good, it also fits in well with my lifestyle / the brand suits me / the team suits me / us.

If you serve the questions and expectations of your customers positively, that is, meet their “emotional” and “factual” benefits, recognize their main reason for buying and address the right usage situations as well as match the tone and style of your buyer persona, you have the best chance of ranking to rise. If you trigger positive experiences at all contact points, then it is very likely that your buyer persona will decide for you.

Take the first step today towards your customers of tomorrow and create a buyer persona based on our template:

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