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Video Training - Canon

DPP 4 - in photographic practice

With Digital Photo Professional, or DPP for short, you can optimize and edit your RAW and JPG photos. The raw converter, which is supplied with all Canon DSLR cameras, delivers excellent image quality.

Using practical examples, photographer Michael Jordan will show you the strengths of DPP, how you can use the HDR and compositing functions, and how you can integrate the program into your photographic workflow. You will also see DPP in direct comparison with Adobe Camera Raw and Capture One.

DPP 4 - The quick start

When you buy a DSLR camera from Canon, you also get the Canon Raw Converter Digital Photo Professional, or DPP for short.
This much underrated tool for editing your raw files is often overlooked, but it really deserves more attention! In this video training Michael Jordan gives you a quick overview of the software and shows you how to use the various tools and functions to optimize your Raw and JPG images. Get to know the software.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Functions, buttons and menus simply explained

Are you familiar with the basic photographic terms and would like to get to know the most important functions of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II without further ado? Then this video training is right for you! An overview of the switches and controls enables you to get started quickly before master photographer Michael Jordan takes a close look at the special features of the camera - including HDR, multiple exposure and high ISO settings.

Canon EOS 70D

Functions, buttons and menus simply explained

Have you bought the Canon EOS 70D and would like to start taking photos right away? Then this video training is made for you. Photographer master Michael Jordan shows you how to quickly get the camera ready for use and which functions are hidden behind the various buttons and menus. He also incorporates his own experiences and gives useful practical tips.

Get to know your EOS 70D!

Canon EOS 700D

All functions, menus, practical tips

Do you have a Canon EOS 700D and want to take beautiful pictures with it? Then this video training is just right for you. Master photographer Michael Jordan will teach you everything you need to know how to use the various functions of your camera, from switching on the camera for the first time through to correct exposure.

Let us show you the operation directly on the EOS 700D and take many practical tips with you for your own photos!

Canon EOS 6D

All functions and menus, practical tips and technical highlights

Learn to utilize the full range of functions of your Canon EOS 6D and receive tips from the photographic practice of your camera coach Michael Jordan. You will not only be introduced to the basic operation of your SLR camera, the comprehensive menu and topics such as exposure, but you will also experience highlights of the camera such as GPS reception or the WLAN function. As a photographer, see through your tools from A-Z.

Photographer master Michael Jordan takes you by the hand.

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

Functions, modes, photographic techniques, linked shots

Let an experienced photographer and trainer explain to you what the top-of-the-range Canon device has to offer in a convenient way via video training. Michael Jordan explains the different buttons and modes as well as the speed dial or how the flash unit communicates with other flash units.

The highlights include linked shots - two cameras simultaneously photograph the same subject from different perspectives - or remote triggering of the flash unit.

Canon EOS 650D

Operate camera & lenses, understand all functions, practical tips

Unpack the new camera and start taking pictures - with Michael Jordan and this video training you have a reliable companion who explains to you from the ground up what your new camera can do, where you can find which functions and how you can use them to take good pictures .

The experienced photographer and trainer has valuable background knowledge of the technology and a lot of tips for photo practice ready for you.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Live on set with Michael Jordan

A new camera is always special and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III is an excellent choice. In this video training, Michael Jordan, an experienced photographer and trainer, explains the technical possibilities from the ground up and you can experience the photographic practice live with all camera settings.

Canon EOS 500D

Operate camera & lenses, understand all functions, practical tips

Do you own the Canon EOS 500D or should you soon? Do you want to do more than just use the automatic programs? Then you are exactly right here. Michael Jordan, Chief Master of the Middle Rhine Photography Guild with over 20 years of professional experience, shows live what the Canon EOS 500D can do.

He combines technology and functionality with the photographic-artistic approach and a lot of background knowledge of photographic subtleties, explains the basics of photography and camera operation as well as photography in practical situations.

108 lessons and over 5 hours of running time will help you to use the full potential of your pictures!